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How Effective is PRP for Hair Growth

Hair loss and thinning hair are common problems across all genders, especially after reaching age 50 or due to stress. Although hundreds of hair loss treatments exist, you cannot be sure which are reliable and successful. Some treatments rely on much more solid science than others.

One such treatment is platelet-rich plasma (PRP). PRP for hair growth is a process where the doctors extract PRP from your blood using a centrifuge-like mechanism that isolates the substance from your blood and improves the concentration of specific proteins that promote healing.

PRP drawn from your blood and injected into your scalp helps heal bodily tissues, including follicles from where your hairs grow.

PRP’s effectiveness in providing solutions to thinning hair women worry about is one reason doctors trust PRP. They use the substance on its own for tendon injuries and osteoarthritis treatments.

Researchers confirm that PRP injections can be helpful in the alopecia areata treatment for men with symptoms of baldness.

Alopecia areata is an autoimmune ailment in which the immune system attacks a person’s hair follicles resulting in hair loss. Though sometimes this hair loss is not noticeable in some cases, you will find multiple instances of hair loss. The gaps may join and make the baldness more obvious.

Alopecia areata can happen to anyone at any age and affect eyebrows, eyelashes, facial hair, and body hair. It’s typically asymptomatic, nor is it painful or itchy in most cases. It can be distressing and depressing for the patients, but luckily some treatments can provide restoration to an extent. There are also cases of Alopecia Universalis, which might mean permanent baldness.

Though distressing, many treatments can help with PRP hair restoration, but you cannot be sure of the success rate as cases differ based upon You cannot be sure of the success rate of PRP helping in hair restoration, its side effects, and its results.

Initially, it takes a few visits before you can see results. But still, you will need to visit your doctor for touch-ups once a year.


Researches report that PRP treatment could have side effects for some like muscle aches, bladder control problems, nerve injuries, etc. Results also will not be the same for everyone.

Can PRP treat hair loss

The simple answer is that there isn’t enough scientific evidence to say for sure whether PRP can help you develop new hair or keep the hair you already have.

Here is a summary of some encouraging findings from studies on PRP and hair loss:

  • Injecting 2 to 3 cubic centimetres of PRP into the scalp once every two weeks for three months increased the average number of follicles from 71 to 93 units, according to a 2014 studyTrusted Source of 11 patients with androgenic alopecia. Although the sample size of this study precludes drawing any firm conclusions, it does suggest that PRP may be able to enhance the number of hair follicles that can actively sustain healthy hair.
  • 2015 research The number of hairs, the thickness of those hairs, and the strength of the hair roots all improved in a group of 10 persons who received PRP injections every two to three weeks for three months, according to a reliable source. The results of past PRP and hair loss research are further supported by the outcomes of this study. Yet a sample size of 10 participants is still insufficient to draw firm conclusions.
  • In a 2019 study, two groups of participants who used various hair treatments for six months were compared. As opposed to PRP injections, one group of 20 people took minoxidil (Rogaine). After 30 participants completed the trial, the findings demonstrated that PRP significantly outperformed Rogaine in treating hair loss. But the study also discovered that the effectiveness of your own plasma in treating hair loss can be influenced by your platelet count. If your blood platelet count is lower, PRP could not work as well for you.
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