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Guide to Solve Windows Driver Power State Failure in Windows 11

A DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE is a stop code on Windows that signifies that a driver’s power state is incorrect or inconsistent. Once a PC awakens from sleep or hibernation, it often happens. In essence, it shuts down the computer and shows a black screen to prevent any potential harm to the operating system or data storage devices that might result from letting the drivers and the related devices continue to function. Luckily, there are some simple techniques for this problem. To know how to solve driver power state failure Windows 11, continue reading this post.

Steps to Solve Windows Driver Power State Failure in Windows 11

Numerous circumstances can bring on driver power state failure due to BSOD. The good news is that the problem can be readily repaired, so there is no need to become anxious. Learn how to resolve driver power status issues in Windows 11 by looking over the solutions listed below.

  1. Rollback Recently Installed Drivers
  • Launch the Settings apps. Next, choose Windows Update from the list of tabs on the left. Next, select Windows Update from the list on the right. Choose “Update history” from the menu options now.
  • Create a list of all the devices that are listed here after clicking on “Driver updates” to view the driver updates that have recently been automatically updated. To open the search box, hit “Windows + S.”
  • Search for “Device Manager” in the Settings area to find the devices whose drivers have just been updated. The Device Manager window will appear after clicking on the pertinent search result.
  • Select “Properties” from the context menu by right-clicking each device.
  • Then, click “Roll Back Driver” in the “Driver” menu.
  • Select a justification for rolling back the update in the areas below, then select Yes. If you select “For another reason,” explain your choice in the “Tell us” more box.
  • Although you won’t get a prompt or confirmation for the rollback, you can find it by looking for the ‘Roll Back Driver’ option. It often takes a few seconds to finish. The prior version has been successfully installed when a button is greyed out.

  1. Update your Drivers

It’s critical to see if there are any Windows driver updates available. Older drives might hurt far more than you might have thought. One of the primary causes of the driver power status failure error was this. However, you can also solve reboot and select proper boot device problems by updating your Windows drivers. You can use the Device Manager to  Windows Update to update the driver. Manually downloading it from the manufacturer’s website is the third option. You can use Device Manager to update your drivers by following the steps below.

  • Click the Start button with the right mouse button first. Next, select “Device Manager” from the menu. Double-click the faulty device on the next screen. The option that displays has you tap on “Update driver.”
  • In the “Update drivers” window, select “Search” for drivers to automatically install driver updates. Then, your computer will start looking for and installing any necessary driver updates.
  • You should be patient during the installation process and wait for it to be finished.
  • At last, restart your PC after the installation is complete.
  1. Run a Quick SFC Scan
  • From the Start menu, open the Quick Access menu. From the menu of choices that opens, pick Windows Terminal (Admin). To accept the UAC prompt, select “Yes.” In case if you want to install Windows 11 without TPM use can use Rufus.
  • Now open the Command Prompt tab, and select Command Prompt from the menu by clicking the diamond-shaped symbol at the top of “Windows Terminal.” Alternately, you can access the cmd tab by pressing “Ctrl + Shift + 2.”
  • While the scan is ongoing, you can still use the system to complete tasks. Type or paste the following command and hit Enter to start the SFC scan.sfc /scanow. Wait for the scan to finish after it has begun.
  • By locating corrupt system files, the System File Checker (SFC) can repair them. The computer’s cached copies of these files are then used to replace the originals.
  • Once the SFC scan has been completed, check to see if the Windows 11 driver power status failure error has been resolved.

Here, we have described how to resolve a driver power state failure in Windows 11. The procedures in this article can be used to resolve the Windows driver power state failure problem. If the problem still occurs, you can always reinstall Windows 11.

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