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How can I get a PCR test for travel?

The rapid PCR test can evaluate identify whether you are infected with SARS-CoV2 virus or not. This virus is responsible for Covid 19 disease in its earliest states of infection. Additionally, the rapid covid tests has become the most accurate and reliable testing method for national & international travel. Similarly, these tests are also great for public without putting anyone at risk. The rapid PCR test has the same credibility as the conventional PCR test. However, you get to see the results way faster than before. Contact ER of Watauga for best covid evaluation for travel.

Pre-Travel diagnostic with PCR testing:

The 2019 curse usually known as the Covid-19 started a pandemic and affected almost every aspect of our life including travel industry. There was a huge decline in the tourism due to the Covid. However, with hundreds of millions of vaccines distributed. The way of covid testing has been changed in America. The centers for disease control and prevention stated that fully vaccinated people can travel with minimized risk to their safe being along with no need for testing before travel. However, if their destinations require a PCR test or the symptoms develop during the trip. However, the Americans who are abroad should provide a negative test result if they want to come back, even if they are fully vaccinated. Sometimes it is just for peace of mind. Moreover, some health experts have suggested some tips that would be beneficial for travelers.

Who should get a test before travelling?

Vaccine passports would widely replace the need to display negative covid result in order to cross the border however until they are official you may need to get tested for travel. For those people who are not vaccinated the CDC has stated that for them the travel guidelines remain the same. You have to get tested three days before the travel. Afterwards you have to get tested again with a covid test after the flight along with staying home or self-quarantine for a week.

Places where you can get PCR tests for travel:

There are many places that are providing the rapid Covid testing such as airports, pharmacies, many hospitals, pop up sites, fire stations, travel clinic and care centers. Experts have suggested that travelers should take PCR test from their primary care provider or the best testing service provider in there are such as ER of Watauga. Additionally, there are also other options like searching the city and health department websites for resources. Similarly, if you are visiting abroad, you can also checkout the U.S Embassy website of the country if they require testing for visit.

Moreover, there might some cases where people just have walked in the testing sites without any appointment. However, you shouldn’t go with this approach. If there isn’t ant in person testing site, you can also order these test kits at your home.

What should you expect from a rapid covid test:
if you are going to get a covid test for travelling purposes ensure you should know what type of test you should get. Viral tests are best to identify whether you have the infection or not in the current state. On the other hand, antibody test will define whether you had the infection in the past. There are many kinds of tests along with so many factor & variables that can affect the result of a PCR test. Experts have suggested that PCR tests are more sensitive as a result they pick lower amounts of virus while taking longer period of time to generate results. there is also another option of getting rapid covid test. Through this process your results will be generated in 15 minutes. Additionally, there are two types of rapid tests one is molecular and the other is antigen. However, the latter has come under suspicion due to its inaccurate results.

How to manage time regarding Covid test for travel:

Travelers should find the best spot for their covid testing before a trip. If you plan it too early the chance, are you may catch the virus before the trip and cancel your test result. If you schedule your test way too close to the flight date and results got delayed. You may spread the virus if you are infected or might even get denied from entering the plane. To overcome this situation, you should have a flexible travel timing along with planning some buffer time between when your test result come and the beginning of your travel will help you.

Foe best PCR test and rapid covid test contact ER of Watauga. We ensure that you will get fast and accurate results.

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