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Here are Scenarios when VPN can save you Money in UK

Here are Scenarios when VPN can save you Money in UK

I don’t know about you, but I think of a VPN as a posh tool that only someone with something to hide online would require. People like high-ranking government officials might be the subject of state-sponsored espionage or a thief engaging in illicit activities online, necessitating the need to disguise their digital imprint.

In fact, the United Kingdom is one of the members of Five Eyes Surveillance nations, who agreed to cooperate and share intelligence on their citizens. 

As a typical internet user in the UK, I don’t consider who might be monitoring my data. So unless we’re addressing more sensitive topics like online bank accounts, professional emails, and vital personal information, we will discuss how a VPN can help save you money.

But wait, don’t VPNs also cost high subscription fees? Yes, they do! Then, how is it going to save me money in the UK? Well, only if you opt for a free UK VPN tried and tested by reputable reviewer sites. 

Now, using a free VPN service may ring many alarming bells. But there are still some free VPNs in the UK that provide quality services in exchange for your data (private or general). But that’s what you have to trade off to save money, I guess…

So what if my data is sought after by Google, Facebook, Amazon, and all the other major players in digital marketing? I want to emotionally eat Netflix, keep up with near and dear ones online, and engage in some online study.

But what if adopting a VPN may help you save money?

Millions of internet users across the globe are covered by those mentioned above. For these reasons, VPN vendors’ marketing efforts frequently go unnoticed. Even when we hear you, we don’t believe we require what you’re offering. And no, spreading false information about our vulnerability to hacking will persuade us to buy the membership. Most of us believe we don’t have enough data or important online activity to justify such subscriptions.

That is until I discovered that internet merchants discriminate against customers’ prices depending on their region, age, and other demographic factors. Let’s discuss that now, shall we?

Hotel reservations

You now possess your airline tickets and have used a VPN to cut costs. Well, you’ll also need to make hotel reservations if you’re flying abroad. By using a VPN when looking for hotels, users have been able to seriously reduce the cost of their reservations.

 Once more, you’ll need to experiment with your VPN to find a less expensive server. Depending on our VPN location, we looked at the Milestone Hotel in Kensington, London, and noticed some significant differences.

We’ve observed that following the procedures below can help some people save money when making hotel accommodations:

Before searching for hotels, open Booking.com and provide your travel information.

Please close your browser after taking note of the hotel you like and its cost.

Join a VPN server in a foreign country.

Reopen Booking.com and perform a search for the hotel and travel dates of your choice.

Compare hotel rates using a VPN connection and your home currency. According to our analysis, choosing the correct country could save money on hotel reservations.

Use Once-Off Seasonal Discounts Repeatedly

Retailers occasionally offer customers one-time seasonal discounts, especially during holiday shopping seasons like Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Black Friday. In the end, online e-commerce websites are made to keep track of every single customer and provide them with a one-time seasonal discount.

When your discount has run out, you will be forced to buy items at the currently valid standard prices. With a VPN, you may sabotage the trackers’ efforts and trick them into believing

you are a brand-new customer each time. By doing this, you can repeatedly take advantage of the one-time seasonal discount.

With a VPN, you can do that since you can switch your server every time you shop, making it seem like you’re from a different country.

Purchase of airline tickets

Airlines charge them a different price depending on where a passenger buys a ticket. So a VPN could be helpful in situations where an airline wants you to charge more for a ticket than other passengers in other areas who are getting it at a reasonable price.

All you need to do is change the VPN server location and enjoy a fairly priced ticket. This price discrimination is a standard consumer practice, but you can game the system to your advantage.

 Use a VPN to save money on video games.

You may even save money on video games by using a VPN if you enjoy playing PC games or know someone who does. The game service “Steam” is well-known to most PC enthusiasts. The prices for some of the newest popular games through the Steam Store appear to differ by country. See examples of a discount that some users were capable of obtaining in the table below:

The following are the tactics thrifty gamers have taken to get a deal on the current releases:

Check out the Steam Store to determine how much the games you’re interested in cost.

Shut down your browser and join a VPN server in a completely different country. Argentina appears to receive some big discounts.

Search for the same game on Steam once more.

Excellent if your VPN connection makes the game more affordable! If not, you might connect to a VPN in another nation to check if the prices are lower.

 When streaming, use a VPN to save money

Although this strategy is not exclusive to one streaming provider, we’ll use Netflix to illustrate how some users have saved money by using a VPN when streaming. However, there are two things you should be aware of before we begin. 

First off, Netflix has begun to block many VPNs in an effort to protect their broadcasting rights. As a result, utilizing a VPN to access Netflix can result in account suspension. Second, they disapprove just as much of customers who use VPNs to negotiate lower prices. Therefore, if you strive to apply the same methodologies as those applied effectively by others, keep in mind the following:

For a starting point, look up the price of a Netflix subscription in your nation. Then, open Google and insert “Netflix subscription” into the search bar; it should appear as the main headline. For $17.99 a month, in contrast, American Netflix subscribers can acquire a Premium package.

You should now connect to a VPN server in a region where Netflix subscriptions are most inexpensive. At the time of writing, an Argentine Netflix subscription costs about $0.26, likely due to the economy. Connect to a VPN server located in Argentina. In our article, you can learn about the top Netflix VPNs and how to obtain a discount on the service.

You will require a payment option that is permitted in the same nation. For example, you can sign up for Argentinian Netflix with a Netflix Gift Code. 

Find a place to purchase one of those online, and then you can use it to register. This is the way to go if you’re serious about saving money!

A conclusion

A VPN can help you avoid being subjected to regionally pricing discrimination by businesses. However, you must appropriately use the VPN to use that benefit. For example, turn on the VPN before browsing the website and clear your cookies.

Additionally, a number of the aforementioned advantages depend on the T&C of the specific vendor. Some businesses are authorized by law to offer discounts to citizens while charging higher costs to visitors. In such circumstances, attempting to pose as a local when making reservations or purchases would be illegal.

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