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Importance of Video Games packaging in marketing


The video game industry is one of the most rapidly growing industries with gamers looking for a fascinating game box with realistic graphics and a complex gaming experience. No one can deny the fact that the game industry is very rapidly switching towards digital downloads but still, the game packaging is considered a relevant element in the marketing of video games. The packaging is the thing that grasps the attention of people towards interesting video games displayed on retail shelves, even after they have enough options for digital games download. The owners of many large companies in the USA, that design box packaging for video games, admit that the attractive packaging of games contributes to customers’ overall experience. 

With ages, the packaging of video games has evolved and this change is basically in the outer package of the product. It started with cassettes, and floppy disks and now reached CD jewel cases offering the best packaging designs so far. These cardboard boxes have become standard for video Game Packaging with little variations. Although the users now prefer a digital copy of a game rather than a physical game itself, so the game publishers have started using the strategy of limited and special editions of the games with bonus content for those who are willing to purchase the physical game. This has once again provided an open platform for the companies to market their video games in such a way that users have to get attracted to purchase the content. For this, the best option is to make its packaging design so enthralling.
The gamers cannot even wait for a second to enjoy the wonderful experience of it. For effective marketing, the following components of video game packaging can play a vital role in its success:

· Creative design:

Making some creative designs out of the packaging box or showing the faces of the main characters of the games can be significant.
Enhance the sales of the product. A creative packaging design with something new and innovative creates a more appealing look for the customers. Different game manufacturer companies are also availing the facility of custom game boxes. They provide a perfect blend of imagination and creativity which can imprint a long-lasting impression on the mind of your customers.

· Easily recognizable images:

Normally, people prefer to recognize the images on the video game than to read the content of the title written on it. So it is considered wise to explain your game using attractive graphics. Animated artwork can be used to give an inspiring 3D effect. Such packaging always works which provides something valuable over the top package and provides artistic inspiration.

· Visible consumer information:

The main focus of customers is on the rating of the video game, multiplayer option, and other hardware requirements. So for effective marketing of it, packaging should be designed in a way that the user preferred.
Information can be clearly seen as the customer has a view of it.

· Interesting unboxing experience:

Customers usually prefer packaging which provides functionality and provides a unique unboxing experience for the user. The importance of video game packaging can be judged by comparing it to a billboard. It means that you have just three seconds to attract the customer’s attention and deliver your message. For example, the recently designed packaging for Modern Warfare 2 created a marvellous experience for its user. Its packaging includes special night vision goggles with killer titles. Moreover, its unboxing experience was extremely liked by the customers thus enhancing its sales in a few weeks. More detail regarding the importance of video game packaging in marketing can be viewed.

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