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7 Hard Truths About Human Resource Management System Software

There are many different HR software solutions out there, and it can be hard to choose the best one for your business. The truth is that not all of them work as well as you’d like them to, and some of them might just be good in theory but not practical in reality. Here are the hard truths about HR management software that every business owner should know before making their final decision on which solution to invest in.

1) You need the full HRMS package

If your business is a small organization, you might assume that one of those free HRMS packages available online will do everything you need. Those packages can be helpful, but they’re only going to offer you a limited number of features. If you want your organization to run smoothly and avoid costly mistakes and lawsuits, it’s better to go with Human Resource Management System Software that provides every feature you could ever need. A full HRMS package will provide your company with all the tools necessary for tracking employee time off, managing benefits, paying salaries, recruiting employees, and more. Not sure what features are available?

2) You’ll pay more than you think

You won’t know exactly what your expenses will be until you’ve already started paying them. At that point, it’ll be hard to change course and costlier than you anticipated. HR software is an investment, so budget accordingly. A good rule of thumb: plan to pay 20% more than your company thinks it’ll need to get set up with a system. (Your company’s initial estimate might be lower than reality because they don’t take into account all of their HR needs.) Whatever figure you settle on, add 10% just to have some extra funds at hand in case there are any hidden costs that pop up during setup or training.

3) There are too many choices

If you’re looking for software to manage your HR tasks, then you’ve probably already found that there are a lot of options available. The truth is, most HR management system software packages can do an adequate job, even if they don’t quite fit your needs. When it comes to choosing an HRMS (human resources management system) solution, however, too many choices can be as bad as too few. Having so many options makes it hard to commit to one; therefore, organizations tend to hesitate on making a change not exactly a recipe for success! Consider using web-based systems or hosted solutions that provide greater mobility and flexibility for your workforce.

4) The software you choose may not be compatible with your other office software

Don’t go into your decision process thinking that you will be able to use one software solution for every aspect of human resource management system. This isn’t realistic, and if you find yourself thinking it is, you may want to reconsider what kind of systems you’re planning on using. On top of that, any software that is use for HR must be compatible with all other office systems being used by your company. For example, if you decide on an HR application from Vendor X but Vendor X also supplies your payroll system and it doesn’t match up with Vendor X’s HR software (or vice versa), then there could be some problems ahead.

Human Resource Management System Software
Human Resource Management System Software

5) Can’t find support in your language?

Chances are, many of your customers speak a different language than you. But don’t let that discourage you from operating internationally; as long as your business is online, you have access to an enormous pool of untapped potential customers in other countries. The first step to serving them is being able to support them in their native language. It’s no easy task, but it’s not impossible either. Fortunately, there are tools available to help with translations, including outsourcers and other translators familiar with your industry who can help bridge those linguistic gaps. Over time and with proper maintenance, these workarounds will become permanent fixes that make international operations easier for your organization and its customers alike.

6) It’s hard to change systems once they’re set up

If you’re thinking about changing HR management software systems, that’s great! But before making a change, it’s important to know how much work and effort will be require to make it happen. Once you have a baseline of understanding of what’s involve in changing your system, you can weigh your options carefully and make an educated decision. If switching seems like a good choice for you, then proceed with knowledge instead of uncertainty. You’ll find that things go more smoothly than if you didn’t prepare first.

7) Some basic features are missing

For HR software to really be effective, it needs to be easy to use. But no matter how slick a platform looks, if it’s complicate and cumbersome to use, you will stop using it. Employees need access to their records from anywhere at any time. If your system isn’t integrate with major social networks and doesn’t offer two-way communication between employees and managers, you are missing out on invaluable ways of interacting with your people.


Human Resource Management System Software can save you a lot of time and money by streamlining processes and bringing consistency to your company. However, it can’t do everything for you; like any new technology or tool, you need to learn how to use it efficiently in order to maximize its value. If you’re considering implementing an HRMS system, be sure to research its strengths and weaknesses so that you don’t end up getting more than you bargained for.

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