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Everything You Need to Know about Plenum Ethernet Cable & its Uses

Plenum Ethernet cable knowledge is everything in the networking business. You need to know about every little aspect of this field. This way you will stay on top of your game. CMP or plenum-rated cables are one of those things that you should know. In addition to that, this will help you choose the right cable for the right location.

Furthermore, we will tell you all you need to know about cat6 plenum Ethernet cables and their usage. Not only that, but this article will also explain the plenum space of a building. So, let’s start.

What are Plenum Spaces?

Plenum spaces are horizontal spaces in your building. These spaces are between your drop ceiling and walls. In addition to that, plenum spaces are there for heating, air conditioning, and ventilation purposes. Plenum spaces are necessary for air circulation inside the building. Since there is air all the time in these spaces, it makes them dangerous. These spaces can pose a major fire hazard due to air presence.

Furthermore, we would recommend you use a plenum cable inside plenum spaces. Because if you don’t do that, these places will be extremely dangerous in an event of a fire. Before we move on to plenum cable, first let’s dig into cable ratings.

Ethernet Cable Rating

You should be aware that we are not talking about the type of cable like coaxial or Ethernet. We are talking about the outer jacket of the Ethernet cable. In addition to that, it is highly important to know the difference between a plenum, riser, and PVC jacket.

Every installer in the USA adheres to National Electric Code NEC. These are the guidelines that National Fire Protection Association has laid out for cat6 plenum bare copper cable installations. There are several cable ratings according to the NEC, but we will talk about three main ratings.

Plenum-rated cables – this is the highest fire resistance rating a cable can get. Not only this cable has low-smoke PVC but also it is suitable for plenum space. Price can be an issue for some installers

Riser-rated cables – these Ethernet cables have low resistance as compared to the plenum cables. You can use them in riser spaces of your building.

Standard cables – you can use these types of cables on walls and floors. Secondly, these cables are good when the building does not have any restrictions. Lastly, you can use them as patch cables.

The Importance of Plenum Cables

You should be aware that many buildings have the policy to only install a plenum cable in plenum spaces. Not only that but also it is your responsibility to install such cables in hospitals, schools, and airports. Furthermore, the drop ceiling is one of the most common plenum spaces in any building.

The main goal of a plenum best cat6 cable 1000ft Ethernet is to stop a fire if it ever breaks out. In addition to that, it emits low non-toxic fumes and prevents fire from spreading. The outer jacket of a plenum cable has fire-resistance materials that will help in stopping a fire. Not only this cable has fire propagation properties but also it releases a low amount of fumes. Lastly, it also has fire extinguishing properties.

Using the right cable is extremely important. Because if you don’t, you will not get clearance for residence. Not only that but also you can face fines. You must be thinking that how can I identify a plenum cable? Well, no need to worry, we’ll explain it to you. The outer jacket of a cable has all the information you need. In addition to that, you need to check for UL-listed cables before buying. UL is a de facto body when it comes to cable rating.

Furthermore, you should know that you can use a plenum cable anywhere. For example, you can install it in the riser space of your building with the latest technology. However, you cannot do it the other way around.

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