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10+ Best Premium Horror and Creepy Fonts

Maintaining a big appearance that arouses creepiness, a horror choice, and fonts that frighten us work extraordinary for Halloween or other events where you have to be serious, or even somewhat deadly. Thus, you can bet it to make a very good choice for bloody game charts or frightening movie posters. Those who have vibrations that are lacking in me can also cover more or less marketing areas!

So, as long as you like the intimidating moods they make, it’s completely up to you where you use it. Although in some cases cartoon style balances some roughness. But even if that happens, the destruction is still the middle name of this font!

Best horror and creepy fonts

Herein lies the scary horror and font bundle that we recommend, including free and premium versions. Moreover, there is some free online creepy text fonts generator to make your text look creepy and scary. Did you know what would be very suitable for them and produce more striking results? Our Font Font Collection! So let’s be creative now!

Horror chapter

The horror chapter fonts are designed by branded quotes. Sharp and Scary styles on Halloween postcards and invitation cards created fear in many viewers before watching movies and people who came for tricks or treats.


Horror films are often combined with science fiction stories. When the threat of monsters is related to technology, or when the earth is threatened by space creatures. With curd font, display a scary movie poster with more horror powers.

Extra terrible

The terrible extra font sounds scary. This font has 4 styles. For those who are interested in this year’s Halloween with a retro theme and creative invitation leaflets, comic books, logo designs, and scary quotes, we recommend it.

Stranger Times OpenType SVG

Stranger Times is an Opentype SVG font where each letter is painted separately. Its painting style is suitable for many horror films of sea creatures, such as shark attacks, or unknown blue creatures.


Imagex has designed the bates shower font in such a way that the terrible tornado swallowed letters. With this vintage interpretation and style, supernatural films can be used to design T-shirts.

Halloween night

Halloween Night Font is one of the scary designs that seem to be designed with ink lines. The sharp edges of the character can convey feelings of fear to the audience and make a good invitation card for Halloween.


Deathgrin font is very thick and pulled by setsailstudos. Like the letters, it looks like a scratch on the wall or a flash of humans, which makes fonts scary. Consider the horror font and design themes, music brand logos, and movie posters.

Fear of darkness

Fear of darkness is a font that mysteriously places the branches of dry trees together. This retro font is used in frightening animation between forests, ponds, and Halloween games.

Brush the agreement

Covenant is a frightening insolent font, designed by Tugcu Design Co. To design scary themes, martial arts, Halloween invitations, and films with terrible murder.

Scary pumpkin

Scary pumpkin fonts such as letters made of pumpkin pieces, and droplets that dripped from him conveyed a multiplier and, of course, a frightening feeling. This font is suitable for designing zombie video games, vampires, and many themes that require a drop of blood and anger.

All my stitches

At first glance, all my stitches fonts look like pieces of fabric sewn together, but you can go beyond it and use it in medical and horror films where some dangerous people have stitches on their faces and other parts of their bodies.


Font Halloweek was designed by Typing Studio. The interesting thing about this font is that, for example, the letter A has a frightening framework that shows it in a set of frightening and frightening fonts. At the bottom of the letter is a blood drop that has a perfect design that can be used in wooden design or dark background with elements such as crows and scorpion strings

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