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How to Draw a Dog and A Cat

How to Draw a Dog and A Cat. Learn how to draw a handsome Dog and A Cat with easy and detailed instructions, video tutorials, and Cat Coloring Pages. Now you can easily create a beautiful cat and dog design.

Sometimes cats and dogs are considered mortal enemies, but they can also be best friends! Do you want to learn how to draw A Cat?

This simple and detailed pet drawing tutorial can help you outline a Dog and A Cat.

Can you imagine a famous dog duo? Pitbull is a Pixar SparkShort about the relationship between an abandoned kitten and an abused pitbull injured in a fight.

Brutus and Pixie are the dynamic Dogs and Cat companions from the webcomic Pet Foolery. Brutus is a German Shepherd with a scar on his face, and Pixie is the feral kitty he protects. And, of course, we can’t forget Nickelodeon’s A Cat, featuring two animals joined at the waist.

Instructions for Drawing a Dog and A Cat

Step 1

Start outlining the cat and dog by drawing the dog’s face. Draw the round nose with a slight tip on the bottom. Draw a rounded “W” underneath to form the mouth.

One component of the “W” should feel the side of the nose, and the other should complete a short curved line at the corner of the mouth. Next, draw an irregular oval shape for each eye. Shade a partial oval to show the pupils in each. Draw curved lines across the eyes to shape the lids and brows.

Step 2

Draw the rest of the cartoon dog head. Use the curved lines to outline her open mouth and dangling tongue. Use a long curved line for the side of the face and overlapping “U” lines for the fur above the head.

Step 3

Draw the dog’s ears. Use wavy curved lines and duplicate them onto themselves. Then use the curved lines connecting at rough places to shape the fur on the side of the face.

Step 4

Then start drawing the cat’s face. Draw a curved line above each eye to shape the eyebrows. Include a small triangle for the nose, with a rounded “W” shaped mouth underneath. Use curved lines for the mustache and chin.

Step 5

Outline the kitten’s playful face. Use curved lines that meet in points to trace the coat, cheeks, and ears. Detail the inside of the ears with additional curved lines.

Step 6

Draw the cat’s body. Use a long curved line and double it over on itself to form the back and tail. Use overlapping curved lines for the hairy chest and front leg. Describe the paw with sharp curved lines.

Step 7

Use a curved stripe to have the kitten’s remaining paw. Then detail the hips and shoulders with curved lines. Use connected curved lines to draw the dog’s pleura.

Step 8

Add more details to your cat and dog photo. Extend long curved lines from the chest and double them back to enclose the dog’s front legs. Detail the elbow bend with curved lines.

Step 9

Finish the design of your cat and dog picture. Complete the design of your cat and dog, using a long curved line to enclose the dog’s neck and body.

Draw Dog and A Cat

Next, draw its hairy tail. Use one long curved line for the top of the seat and connected curved lines for the bottom.

Step 10

Color in your cat and dog drawing. Color your cartoon cat and dog.

Dog And A Cat Drawing

Your Dog and A Cat Drawing Is Completed

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