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Various industries utilizing cloud contact center solution

Cloud contact center software is a central point in an enterprise hosted by an Internet server. It is responsible for handling all inbound and outbound calls. Cloud contact center software makes interaction through voice, emails, social media, etc. thus, using multiple social platforms. It offers easy call control by queuing calls with mute, hold, and warm transfers. It queues call back and voicemail features while the customer is waiting.

Different industries utilizing cloud contact center solutions are:

  1. E-commerce industry: E-commerce is one growing industry that uses cloud contact center software. It helps businesses of every size to grow effortlessly. Both inbound and outbound solutions help to strengthen marketization and sales. As technology is taking over, cloud contact center software helps e-commerce to record and monitor sales as well as each call. It manages huge volumes of calls easily. It reduces the agent’s workload and ensures productivity. It is one solution that takes care of many business needs.

It also helps in conducting surveys and collecting feedback easier for the business. Online polling on products helps a business retain customers and draw leads. It makes business engagement exciting. This also affects the sales that result in business success.

  1. Banking, finance, and insurance industry: Cloud contact center services are popularly used by the banking and finance sector. It helps to connect with a huge number of customers every day. While banking includes calls regarding updates, loans, statements information, etc. The finance sector includes lenders, stock brokers, tax services, etc. Call contact center software helps to easily manage day–to–day tasks of the customers as well as of the industry. The insurance industry also uses cloud contact centers to reach and connect to customers. With concurrent calls, large volumes are easily managed. Call routing helps the business to easily transfer calls and offer the best service immediately to the customers.
  2. Healthcare industry: The healthcare industry ranges from inpatient care to home visits. It includes both direct and indirect care; as well as preventive, curative, and rehabilitative care. Cloud contact center services help the healthcare industry to offer accessible and acceptable options for well-being. One can just call and fix an appointment or a follow-up. The regular reminders and updates on health checkups help people to take care of themselves in their busy schedules.

During the COVID 19 vaccination, people shared all details of appointments through SMSs. Even the follow-up vaccination helped in maintaining consistency. The certificates were delivered through SMSs and email links which made them easier to carry.

  1. Consulting services: Online consultation has become a very common way to connect with a business. It can be from any industry but the service is specific. Consultation related to healthcare, education, business development, career planning, etc. The consultation industry is a sub-division of the larger industries that can use cloud contact center services. Every call of the customer is recorded. Consultation services may not be directly connected with the larger industries, they can function independently. It offers guidance and assistance to customers’ concerns. It can also act as a bridge between the customers and the larger industries. For example, A person might want to consult about investing in a property. The consultation firm might help to provide the customer with all the lists of available properties and pricelist. It further helps the customer to connect with the real estate companies that might further guide the customer. Many customers want background guidance before connecting with a specific industry to know their options better.

Industries and businesses utilizing cloud contact center services are growing every day. Every business can gain profit and increase productivity using the solution. The quality of service and service delivery modes are enhanced. A business can customize as per the needs of the business based on the wants of the customers.

Knowlarity is one of the leading providers of the cloud contact center. It helps businesses from every industry, irrespective of their sizes and target audience. A business can use the demo trial period before investing. They can also seek the guidance of experts in Knowlarity. It offers flexibility and easy scalability with 24×7 supports. Small businesses and startups easily rely on Knowlarity for economical and efficient packages. 

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Ahsan Khan
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