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Cowboy Hat Styles and Their Creases

The cowboy hat is the invention of Americans and is the best example of fashion; cowboy hats made it possible for the hat industry to grow. The cowboy hat was created for horse riders to save them from immense heat and cold. The cowboy hats might be made from handmade or through machinery, but people prefer handmade cowboy hats as they are more fashionable and unique. New cowboy Hats are made with bows or buckles to enhance the dull look; youth or new hat lovers do not consider the originality of cowboy hats but need an addition to their traditional look. 

The specialty of the cowboy hat is that the hat is removed from the crown rather than the brim. Several types of cowboy hats make it challenging for hat lovers to choose for different occasions. The cowboy hat has a flat bill or other varieties like a denim cowboy hat. Leather cowboy hats are rugged and suitable options to wear casually. The cowboy hat has numerous fans because of its design and quality. Apart from leather, snakeskin and alligator skin are also used for making cowboy hats. The craze for cowboy hats is massive across the globe. The cowboy hats have various colors to choose from; the time had gone when they were limited in styles and colors. 

Cowboy hats may protect the head from rain, snow, or hail, as some materials are water-resistant. Below are the different cowboy hat styles

Types of cowboy’s hat 

  1. Cattleman:

The cowboy cattleman is the traditional cowboy hat with three creases on top of the crown and a slightly curved brim. Men most love this style of cowboy hat. These cowboy hats are best on windy days as they can save face from harsh winds.

  • Brick:  

The brick cowboy hat is a recent development in the hat industry. The crown has a rectangular dip that is the hat’s unique symbol, making it popular among youth. Bricks cowboy hats function well in rain or windy days. 

  • Gambler

As the name suggests, gamblers in the films wore these hats. The gambler cowboy hat is famous among movie lovers who often buy it to make their personality bold and strong. The cowboy hat has an enormous fat brim with a flat crown.

  • Derby

The derby cowboy hat is unique, with a round crown and curved brims. The derby cowboy hat is famous among men across the globe but less popular among Americans. 

  • Pinched Front

The pinched front cowboy hat has a V-shaped crown with double pinches and is mainly loved by farmers. The pinched front gained popularity due to its classic western touch. 

  • Gus

Gus cowboy hat is the perfect hat to wear in various sports. Gus cowboy hats have high crowns. The hat has three creases on the height. 

  • Tom Mix

The Tom mix is the same as Gus but much more significant than Gus. The Men often get confused between Gus and Tom Mix, but the difference lies in brims. 

  • Open Crown

The open crown cowboy hat, as the name suggests, is round with no dimples on the crown. New hat lovers adapt to these hats before becoming friendly with the cattlemen’s cowboy hats. 

  • Men’s straw cowboy hats

Cowboy Hats are loved by every generation, especially those who love riding horses.

  1. Leather cowboy hats

Most people irrespective of their high prices prefer the cowboy hats made from leather. Americans created cowboy hats and made them leading fashion icons.

  1. The Montana Mix Crease

The Montana mix crease looks like cattlemen creases, but Montana creases have minor indents at the side of the crown. 

  1. Bowler hat 

The bowler has its origin in England. The cowboy hat is famous during Victoria’s times. The cowboy hat has a curved brim at the end.

What to consider while buying a cowboy hat? 

There are several options, but selecting a perfect cowboy hat that goes with your outfit is essential. The cowboy hat is not limited to practical and functional pieces but is a critical fashion icon. You should consider the hat’s material before buying a cowboy hat, as they are made from several materials depending on the budget and usage. Another essential factor to consider is budget; cowboy hats are expensive to buy and maintain. Among all the styles of cowboy hats, a cattlemen’s cowboy hat is the most popular among folks. Other cowboy hats are also popular, but not more than the cattlemen’s cowboy hat. 


Many men adopt a wide brim cowboy hat with an enlarged brim, used mainly by Americans. Cowboy hats were initially worn by horse riders or during horse racing sports, but today it becomes a symbol of fashion among people across the globe. Cowboy hats can be worn during summer as well as winter seasons. Even cowboy hats for women are available in the market nowadays. The cowboy hat’s shape, design, and quality describe your personality, so choose carefully. Cowboy hats are the most famous styles that never fade their importance in the hat industry. The names of cowboy hats depend solely on their crease. The cowboy hat styles are suitable for use on various occasions or fashion events. 

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