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Common Hiring Errors While Recruiting Android App Developers!

Sales of mobile apps reached $462 billion globally in 2019, and by 2023, they are projected to reach $936 billion. That certainly seems fantastic. But only some apps are a huge success. Because too many applications are available, they are expensive, and other factors, just one mobile app out of every 10,000 survives. The success of your project and your business depends on employing talented and experienced Android app developers. If you want to employ Android developers for the role, there are several situations you should steer clear of throughout the hiring process. Primarily it would help if you avoided these below-written mistakes while you hire Android developers in India.

Mistakes to Avoid While Recruiting Android App Developers

  1. Hire only experienced Android Developers Who Understand Product Design.

You may save a ton of time and money by working with Android developers with product design knowledge throughout the development process. You could create a sign-up page for your app. A sign-up page first seems to be nothing more than a screen for choosing a username and password. But in reality, you will require:

Choose the authentication types you want to enable (Facebook, user, password, Gmail, etc.). To ensure validation is necessary (for example, if a user inserts their email, check that it is a valid email)

  1. Employing Android Developers without UI and Material Design Skills Is a Bad Idea

A user interface is more than only a collection of images. Yes, it has to look attractive and polished. Nevertheless, it ought to be simple to understand.

You may engage a designer to guarantee that your Android app has a high-quality user interface, but more is needed. You may need to alter the UI due to product revisions or new features since the app will likely change while it is being developed.

Hiring a designer for every slight modification or improvement might be expensive and time-consuming. As a result, Android developers in India should be acquainted with these scenarios and libraries based on prior experience and well-known applications. Fortunately, Android offers numerous “out of the box” UI solutions in the form of tutorials and libraries for a number of situations.

Due they will look similar to many programmes that the typical user is already acquainted with, common UI patterns are advantageous. Additionally, because of Google’s unique tools, developing the UI should be simple and fast.  

Numerous new UI designs are influenced by Google’s Material Design concepts, which were introduced a few years ago. Smaller mobile devices, in particular, are compatible with Material Design.

Additionally, Google offers a ton of icons for free, and there are often enough icons to satisfy most of your needs.

In addition, they provide free resources, including a material color palette and instructions. Most excellent Android developers do most of the design work, and their applications have a polished, user-friendly appearance.

  1. Hire Only Android Developers That Have at Least One App Available on Google Play

It would help if you asked potential Android app developers to show you examples of their prior work while interviewing them so you can gauge their familiarity with the platform. You could check the Play Store to see if they have any applications for the same.

It’s essential to remember that this proves the developer can upload an app to Google Play, as we previously stated, and that they are creating Android applications for enjoyment rather than only for financial gain. It should be a top priority to work with an Android developer who is enthusiastic about what they do.

  1. Android Engineers without Full-Stack Programming Skills Should Not be Hired

Most applications nowadays, particularly social media-related ones, depend on databases. You may expect your app to need one as well.

If you hire an Android developer who is unfamiliar with databases, you may need to hire another developer only for that task. If the task is challenging, hiring another developer could be essential. But since your database will often be relatively simple, you won’t require that when you initially release your software.

Database knowledge is a need for Android developers. A developer may use a straightforward API to administer a database with a number of services. A well-known service in this region is Firebase. Google’s Firebase is one of the numerous services that greatly simplify mobile development.

  1. Avoid Hiring Android Developers That Provide Inaccurate Time Estimates.

Your candidate could be requested to do a task when you start working during the trial time, and they might provide an estimate of how long it will take. The ETA should typically be precise when doing a straightforward activity. Additionally, you should offer your applicant modest tasks during the trial.

Check whether they completed this work within the period they provided; if not, you should be given adequate reasoning, which should be different for little assignments.

On the other hand, giving a specific ETA for primary operations might take time to predict since there can be more product modifications, features, and issues along the way.

Android developers should finish the assignment before the ETA expires. They should let you know if it takes longer for whatever reason—preferably not at the last minute.

  1. Avoid Working with Android Developers That Provide You with Infrequent Updates

It’s vital to monitor if your candidate keeps you informed of critical changes and does so frequently, even when assigning modest obligations.

You may decide whether your developer updates you often or when anything significant occurs.

In any case, you should know whether your application gives you the necessary details. Working with a developer who updates you seldom or infrequently might cause your cooperation to lag and become less effective.

  1. Avoid Working with Android Developers That Provide Unstable Releases.

You should adequately test it to look for faults after giving a job to your applicant, who then finished it and notified you of the build. It is due to the fact that it ought to make the developer’s ability to identify and address problems –or, in other words, their capability to test their products –clear.

It is crucial to examine since Android developers need to be able to spot flaws before releasing new versions and have the necessary testing skills. If they don’t, they could provide you with a problematic product, and if you don’t notice, end consumers might complain or post bad reviews on the Google Play Store.

Because of this, you should pay close attention to the first build your candidate delivers you, thoroughly test it, and check to see whether mistakes are simple to reproduce.

Another thing to remember is that Android provides decent libraries for logic and user interface testing, so it’s worth checking whether your candidate has used them in the past. Every Android developer should be aware of testing libraries, even when the trial period may be too brief to hire them.


Now you must be aware of the common mistakes you would make while recruiting android developers. Make sure you avoid these problems when you hire android developers in India.

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