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Can I Host Virtual Live Events Securely?


Yes, you can definitely host a virtual live event with optimum security. Currently, technology is improving, and many businesses of various sizes are using it. Any business, whether engaged in entertainment or any other industry, is using the advancement in technology for live video streaming. This is an ideal way to pass the brand message to the target audience. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best methods to promote your products or services instantly.

Moreover, some students on business operations in 2022 suggest that every 9 out of 10 organizations use live streaming. It is the best way to communicate effectively with the audience. But, the major challenge before them is security. Indeed, securing virtual live events is necessary for every organization. Security is helpful in blocking any unauthorized user from accessing and using the live event content.

Therefore, any business willing to secure its premium content can use it to keep the live videos secure. Before we should know more about the security of live events, let’s take a look at what secure live streaming is.

What is a Secure Live Streaming Service?

First we should know about live streaming. It is a way of using the internet to transmit your data. A business can use it to deliver its content to its target audience from a remote storage location. All this is done in real-time to provide impeccable security to any application. In simple words, live video streaming is the broadcast of a cricket match or any other sport.

However, secure live streaming is when your streaming is completely secured. It is possible using the various live video streaming security services offered by VideoCrypt. Unfortunately, businesses are ignoring the security of their live events.

Consequently, they are losing millions of dollars due to online piracy of their live events. But, businesses do not understand this. Although, there is an improvement in the awareness of these businesses.

Which Businesses Are Using the Secure Live Streaming Services of VideoCrypt?

Undoubtedly, the secure live video streaming service of VideoCrypt is vital. Employing this service is essential for every business to operate flawlessly. The list of the businesses that are using the live streaming services is given below:

  • Coaching Institutes
  • YouTube Creators
  • Media Houses
  • OTT & Entertainment Industry
  • Universities
  • Medical Teaching Institute
  • Various Spiritual Organizations

Coaching Institutes

With the continuous expansion of coaching institutes and their operations, they are choosing digital platforms. They choose live video streaming services to pass the education content and messages. They are using various platforms, including Android, iOS, and Windows, to stream their media content. It will help you to keep all their information safe.

YouTube Creators

Today, many businesses are using YouTube to create and share their videos. It will assist that business in augmenting its revenue-generating capability. The reason is simple, the more videos you stream live, the more chances you will get to improve your business. Businesses involved in creating YouTube live streams are using this live video streaming to secure their media content.

Media Houses

At present, media houses are facing a lot of problems due to the piracy of their live streaming. They are majorly using the AWS media services to keep their live streaming content secured. As a result, they are able to save millions of dollars. They are hosting secured virtual live events to keep their content secure over the internet. Moreover, they are using this security for various platforms, including Android and iOS.

OTT & Entertainment Industry

Many businesses involved in the entertainment business are using secured video streaming services. These services provide an upper hand to these entertainment businesses so they can grow without any problem. OTT platforms don’t need to worry about piracy of the live streaming videos. Securing their real-time video streaming content is possible using the security services of OTT.


Many universities (government or private) use secure live streaming services. They attempt to upskill their students using the best and most useful technology. Secure streaming is useful, especially in completing distance learning programs. Sharpening the skills of any student is their ultimate goal which they can achieve easily using the secured live streaming.

Various Spiritual Organizations

Many spiritual organizations are also using live streaming services, which provides an additional layer of safety. They can use it to provide their followers with lessons and teachings. Moreover, they can reach their followers quickly using the live video streaming service. Spread the word on spirituality swiftly using this outstanding service.


No business can avoid the security of their live events because doing it can cost them a high amount. They can save that money and grow without worrying about the security of their live video streaming. VideoCrypt offers this service at an affordable cost to many businesses so they can boost their operations.

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