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A Detailed Guide to a Car Battery Replacement

If you are still struggling with the battery replacement procedure, then quickly choose the best car battery replacement services provider in Grays.

A car battery is a necessary component of your car. If you don’t change it, you can end up having alot of headaches during road trips. In addition, they accelerate the engine and power simple devices like windows and windshield wipers. Therefore, car battery replacement and maintenance are important for the overall functioning of the car. Checking the condition of your batteries regularly eradicates the worst experiences and ensures smooth sailing.

Replacing car batteries is not much difficult, and one can take care of it in their garages.

Should you change your car battery?

You should not change your car batteries if you are not a professional and well-versed in the trade. Car components include many engineering intricacies that are put together in their formation and for continuous operation. Your mistake might cause extreme damage to your car than the existing one.

Is it dangerous to replace a car battery?

While attempting to replace your car battery, you risk your car greater difficulties instead of seeking professional help. Also, while dealing with electrical parts without proper knowledge of the work, you risk harm.   

How often should you replace your car battery?

The average lifespan of most vehicle batteries is almost two to three years. Pay attention to any warning signs that show weak battery power to avoid accidents. You should follow your owner’s manual for details on car battery replacement and maintenance that fit your car model.  

The Rundown

Before tinkering with the battery, you should know what it does and how it is connected to the system. In addition, your car battery contains a corrosive sulphuric acid solution that can burn your skin. Thus, ensure you have protective gloves and that the area is well-ventilated. 

If you are using your garage, make sure the garage door is open before you attempt to replace the battery. Use your driveway for great results. To prevent electric shocks, remove all metal objects like watches and jewelry. 

The method of car battery replacement

If you are ready to replace your car battery, move ahead and pop open the hood. If you don’t have basic car system knowledge, we highly advise requesting professional help from someone well-versed with the procedure. 

However, if you are confident enough with your skills, follow these steps meticulously for car battery replacement without any hassle.

6 Steps To Replace Car Battery

  1. Try to locate the car battery unit after opening the hood. If you struggle to locate it, refer to the owner’s manual. It should contain a graphic having the correct location of the unit. Most latest models enclose the battery in a plastic casing to prevent it from external things. Thus, ensure you have the proper handy tools before beginning the process.    
  1.  You need to disconnect the old battery to replace it with a new one. Once you locate the battery unit, pay close attention to the two cables connected with the unit. First, find the negative terminal (marked with the negative sign) and disconnect that cable before eliminating the positive end. Next, loosen the clamp with a wrench and slide it off the terminal. Next, use a wire to protect the cable to the engine bay, ensuring that it does not get in touch with anything metal. After it, repeat the process for the positive terminal as well. 
  1. Once you have disconnected and properly protected the cables, inspect the cables for any connectors in place to protect the battery unit. If any, move ahead and use the right tools to remove these locks. Depending on the car model, you may need a proper-sized socket, socket wrench, and an extension bar. After removing the fasteners, lift the battery unit out of the engine bay and position it on concrete, flat surface. The unit can be quite heavy, so you may need help.
  1. Check the surface of the connectors for signs of any corrosion or rust. If any, use 100-grit sandpaper or emery cloth to brush off the corrosion until it gets shiny. This is also the right time to check the engine bay as well. Ensure you properly clean the area before connecting the new battery, and have protective gloves on to prevent burns. 
  1. Locate the new battery in the engine carefully, and protect it back to the bracket using the correct tools. Ensure it is well-aligned with the positive and negative terminals before tightening the locks. Once the battery has been well-protected, apply lithium grease to the two terminals to prevent them from rusting or corrosion. Make sure you don’t apply grease to any other part of the battery or engine than the two terminals. After greasing them properly, reconnect the cables back to the terminals, connecting the positive one first. Once you have protected the battery, move ahead and reconnect the negative end. Ensure these cables don’t get in touch with anything metal during the process. 
  1.   Once you have reconnected the cables, replace the cover engine and close the hood of your car. Make sure you remove the used tools and leave nothing behind. Then crank your engine and inspect the systems in your car. If they are working fine, then the process was a success.

If you still face problems, don’t tinker with the battery unit; get car battery replacement services instead. Then, if the systems are working properly, move ahead and reset the alarm, clock, radio, and navigation systems.

Since various makes and models are available in the market today, make sure you have the right replacement battery specified in the manual. Clear your mind and carefully follow all the instructions. However, if you are still struggling with the procedure, then quickly choose the best providers of car battery replacement services in Grays.

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