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Buying Precious Metals Online: 11 Reasons eBullion is Your Best Bet

Buying Precious Metals Online


The unerring fact is that most facets of our lives are getting increasingly digitised. From groceries to electronics, from clothing to investments, almost everything is online. This is also true about investing in precious metals. Buying precious metals online may have started as a trend, but it is slowly becoming the best way to invest in them.

In the near past, investing in precious metals meant only gold and silver. Today however, other important, precious metals like Platinum and Palladium are also an option for investors. The second important part is that the financial entry barrier is now a thing of the past. People can now invest in precious metals online, with as little as Rs. 100/- There are a few things to consider before investing in precious metals online.

Advantages of investing in precious metals online with eBullion

1. Convenience:

Like any online transaction, buying precious metals online is convenient. You can buy it 24/7, on any day of the year. With the eBullion app and website, invest in vaulted precious metals at your convenience.

2. Choice of metals:

While gold and silver are traditional metals that can be invested, eBullion, powered by Hindustan Platinum, offers the consumer the option of investing in Platinum and Palladium as well. Platinum and  Palladium are rare precious metals that have wide applications in industrial and consumer applications, and have shown favourable returns on investment.

3. Perpetual affordability:

You can begin diversifying your portfolio with eBullion with as little as  Rs. 100/-

4. Real-time transparent pricing

Precious metal prices are linked to real-time, wholesale market prices.

5. Instant liquidity:

eBullion makes selling your holdings easier with two-way pricing, meaning that you can sell your assets at market prices. The money will be instantly credited to your associated account once the transaction goes through.

6. Safety:

Your holdings are 100% safe, as they’re both insured and held in third-party secure vaults.

7. Purity assured:

eBullion only vaults London Good Delivery Brands, which means the purity of your asset is guaranteed.

8. Ownership:

Unlike with Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) or Gold Sovereign Bonds, where you have only nominal ownership of the gold / precious metal purchased. With eBullion, you own 100% of the physical metal purchased.

9. Taking physical delivery:

If you wish, you can take physical delivery of your holdings* (*On min holdings. Payment and conversion charges may apply)

10. Stringent governance:

Your funds are held in an independent escrow bank account and holdings are accounted for and audited in a secure manner.

11. The trust of Hindustan Platinum:

eBullion is powered by Hindustan Platinum. Its mission is to provide a platform for Indian retail buyers, which would ensure convenience, transparency, affordability and secure access to precious metals. Hindustan Platinum is one of India’s leading refiners of precious metals. It is listed on the London Good Delivery Brands for Silver, Palladium and Platinum. With a legacy of over 6 decades in the precious metals space.


Investing in precious metals is a great, sensible idea. eBullion makes investing in precious metals a safe, secure, convenient and hassle-free experience. Experience the transformative power of investing in precious metals digitally with us.

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