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Here Are Some Of The Best Social Media Apps in 2022 For Your Brand

Just having an online presence for your business is not enough in today’s world. It is equally important to have a social media content marketing strategy for gaining maximum visibility. Having a steady strategy also allows you to reach out to your niche audience and higher your conversion rates.

For this reason, we have organized a list of the best social media apps that you can use for your business in 2022. You must know which apps to use for your brand for maximum outcomes. Read on to find out how much traffic these apps generate, their benefits, and why they can be great for your brand.

Why Do You Need Social Media Apps for Your Business?

Having a social media presence is significant in today’s scenario where a huge portion of business is done digitally. Today, a large portion of people are present on various social media platforms. 

Businesses can reach out to their target audience through numerous social media platforms. If your firm has a social media presence, you are more likely than not to reach out to your target audience directly.

Research shows that about 58.4% of people in the world use social media actively. They spend a significant amount of time accessing social media every day.

There are mainly three benefits of social media marketing, which you might want to avail:

  • Identifying and Understanding Your Audience

    You can get a clear insight into what type of audience you want to serve if you create your presence on social media. It gives you insights into the type of posts your audience engages with. With this data, you will also be able to plan better content in a consistent manner. You will also know what type of product or service will benefit your audience.
  • Social Media Sentiment Analysis for Your Brand

    The process of obtaining information about your customers’ perceptions of your product, service, or brand is known as social media sentiment analysis. You may quickly pay attention to what others are saying about your brand, products/services, and industry by using social listening.

    This allows you to determine whether you need to reassess your brand’s reputation or change your marketing messaging to better serve your target demographic.
  • You Can Use Social Media Apps as Your Customer Service Line

    Social networking is also an excellent tool for customer service. In fact, some businesses set up social media pages solely for customer support.

Include customer service in your overall social media strategy so that you have a method in place for answering help queries even if you don’t create a separate support account.

What Are the Top 10 Social Media Apps?

The industry is crowded with so many already present social media apps. Yet, every year new ones are introduced. It often gets overwhelming for the average user and business owner about which one to use. On the contrary, you might also overlook an app that could give your brand immense success. We have made a list of the top 10 social media apps in 2022 that you can use for your brand:

1. Facebook

This social media app has 2.93 billion monthly active users.

  • It is the largest social media platform.
  • A Facebook business page often acts like a second website for online stores.
  • Comprehensive advertising to help you reach your target audience.

Facebook is one of the most established social networking programs. Although created in 2004, it became popular only in 2007. The app has gone through a lot of evolution since its inception. Today, it offers so many different features that benefit business owners. 

2. Instagram

This has 2 billion monthly active users.

  • This is a platform for sharing stylish images, videos, and other media.
  • Instagram Reels are short videos that are extremely popular among viewers.
  • Filters, stickers, audio clips, and other visual content assets.

Instagram is also owned by Facebook’s parent company Meta. It is a visual social media site centred on photo and video content. It also features both stories and reels, providing users with a variety of ways to reach their target audience. An app like Instagram helps brands that have a real product. They can shoot and exhibit it on their page.

3. Twitter

Twitter has around 238 million daily active users.

  • Many individuals use this platform to acquire their news and learn about current events.
  • Excellent for text-based material and interactions.
  • Twitter threads enable marketers to interact with users in more than 280 characters.

Founded in 2006, this social media app has stuck to the concept it began. It is a place for short statuses. They have increased their available character count from 140 to 280 per Tweet. They have also added features like Retweets, quote Tweets, threads, and more. If you have a news publication, a B2B business, or an IT firm, this is the place where you should be.

4. TikTok

This has 1 billion monthly active users.

  • Video material that is short, scrollable, and readily digested.
  • A search function that is simple to use. Gen Z loves it.
  • Audio clips, captions, and stickers to aid in the creation of entertaining videos

Instagram Reels is highly inspired by TikTok. It brought a revolution in short-form video content. Just be creative with your content and you too can blow it up on the platform.

5. Pinterest

It has 433 million monthly active users.

  • A visual search engine that is great for online shopping and discovering new things.
  • Shoppable Pins make online buying even easier.
  • Pinterest SEO improves the visibility of your pins in search results.

Pinterest is a preferred platform for eCommerce businesses. This is also visual like Instagram. You can design infographics and blog graphics to promote content on your brand’s website and improve online traffic. Just put together a branded graphic or two that you can reuse for each blog article you share on Pinterest.

6. LinkedIn

This has more than 830 million members.

  • Professional B2B networking, job search, and recruiting platform.
  • A platform for long-form articles you can share with your audience.
  • Create polls to spark conversations with your contacts.

You can create your personal brand and do business-to-business marketing at the same time using LinkedIn. Professionals build profiles alongside businesses, making this an excellent opportunity for both C-Suite team members and the brand to reach out to potential customers.

7. Snapchat

It has 347 million daily, active users.

  • In-built insights for tracking your overall reach.
  • Stories that vanish, allowing you to share behind-the-scenes photographs and videos with your customers.
  • Stickers, filters, and sketching tools for generating visually appealing content.

Snapchat was the first to introduce a disappearing story feature. This feature was added to Facebook and Instagram later. It has grown to feature stories from well-known businesses and newspapers, as well as Spotlights, its own take on short-form videos akin to TikTok and Instagram Reels.

8. YouTube

This has over 2 billion monthly active users.

  • Long-form video content sharing platform.
  • The second most popular search engine offers its own kind of YouTube SEO.
  • A video collection that is ideal for distributing educational and product-related content.

YouTube is the most widely used video-hosting site. It is owned by Google. The platform is ideal for any company that wants to offer long-form educational content to its audience. Create playlists for each series on your YouTube channel to categorize them.

9. Reddit

This has 1.7 billion monthly users.

  • A forum with an infinite number of rooms called “subreddits” that focus on diverse themes.
  • Have discussions about your industry in subreddits dedicated to your niche.
  • Use blog posts and informative films to supplement your forum comments.

Reddit is a popular and perhaps great online platform that has subreddits on nearly any topic. It has users discussing finance, marketing, technology, and more. Look through related subreddits to your sector to see if there are any questions about which your company is knowledgeable. You can then create a brand account and then answer those queries. This will help you gain visibility on the platform. Brands can also sponsor subjects to increase their visibility on the platform.

10. Clubhouse

It has a user base of 10 million weekly active ones.

  • Organize an audio talk about a topic relevant to your industry.
  • Join like-minded audio chats to provide feedback.

Clubhouse emerged during the COVID-19 epidemic as a method for professionals to network while quarantined. Users could build an audio room for others to join and listen in to learn about something. They could also ask permission to join as a speaker and share their knowledge. If an audio discussion app appears to be something your company and industry might be interested in, it may be worth exploring.


Social media content marketing is one of the key factors of digital marketing. Brands are considering this to grow and show outcomes. You must also have a strong and foolproof strategy for your brand. So, it’s important for you to know the social media app development cost. Also, you must know which social media apps you want to have your presence in. Determine your target audience, develop content for each platform, and begin creating a following.

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