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What Are the Best Project Management Tools for Project Planning?

Looking for the top project management tools? It’s challenging to find a tool that precisely meets your team’s requirements. But don’t worry—we’ve already done all the laborious work.

We’ve compiled a list of the top ten project management tools in this post, together with information on their finest attributes, advantages, and disadvantages. We’ve also provided advice and pmp boot camp online  on what steps you should take to find the best project management tool for your team as well as key characteristics you should consider.

The project manager’s solution to managing projects is to use project management tools. Simple projects can be completed with nothing more than a checklist, whereas big projects demand careful planning, work delegation, deadline setting, monitoring of everyone’s adherence to those deadlines, and time tracking.


Asana is a versatile SaaS project management tool that places a strong emphasis on teamwork. Automating repetitive tasks is done through workflows. It supports custom fields and forms and provides a variety of straightforward task displays. Even an endless number of guests are permitted. Additionally, custom rules and approval workflows are possible.

Despite the fact that Asana has a lot to offer in terms of teamwork and productivity, many of the crucial project management features are handled through integrations, which may not be ideal for all users. Although it is advantageous for businesses of all sizes, it is not the best choice for independent contractors.


Project planning is made easy with the help of the cloud-based project management tool Wrike, which also monitors team progress, keeps an eye on deadlines, and encourages collaboration with all stakeholders. Task management, Gantt charts, a real-time newsfeed, and other sophisticated features are available.

To move the important tasks forward and guarantee deadlines are met, you can prioritize tasks. Additionally, there are numerous integration options, which enhances its potency as a project management suite.

For most new users, the sheer number of features can be a bit overwhelming, and the confusing user interface doesn’t help much either. It is very well used by the company’s marketing, software development, and professional services departments.

Zoho Projects

The popular Zoho Projects tool helps businesses manage tasks, collaborate, monitor bugs, and produce understandable reports. The online project management application allows you to bill time for numerous projects at once and includes tools like Gantt charts. Additionally, Zoho Projects has an excellent selection of communication tools, including a live chat feature and message boards.


Trello is a well-known online project management platform with features for team collaboration. It is portable, uncomplicated, and easy to use. Tasks are created and stuff are kept organized using boards, lists, and cards. Users can share files, leave comments, and communicate with one another inside the cards.


The simple, fundamental project management software from Monday.com combines a beautiful user interface with useful project visualization capabilities. It is adaptable and offers a clear method for organizing your work. To construct your boards, use the project templates at the top. The calendar view and the map view are just two of the many display options.

One common reason why customers are unhappy is a lack of regular activity. For some customers, using the mobile app is difficult. They also provide superior security, easy customization, and robust functionality.


Using ProofHub, you can access task lists, workflows, Gantt charts, discussions, calendars, and documents all in one location. It supports your team’s task organization, planning, and monitoring. It facilitates collaboration between team members and with external clients. There are many reports, including reports on resources and workload.

Strongly emphasising simplicity, ProofHub offers only a handful of integrations and task management tools. It is advantageous to businesses of all sizes as well as independent contractors.


Clarizen is a well-known online project management application for medium- to large-sized businesses. Because the system doesn’t have a mobile app, certain teams could find it less useful because it solely enables web-based project management. Despite customers complimenting its extensive reporting features and resource consumption tracking capabilities, it lacks a to-do list and time monitoring.

The learning curve is a bit steep because it uses specific methods for controlling processes. Clarizen will be most useful to enterprise-level project managers, IT teams, and professional services teams who need reliable, adaptable, and user-friendly web-based project management software.


In Airtable, the best features of spreadsheets and databases are integrated. It is flexible, user-friendly, and efficient for businesses of all sizes. The lack of extensive reporting features can worry some users.

Data that can be utilized for task management and project planning can be stored in the database. Many users adore the adaptability of data organization made possible by Airtable’s spreadsheets. Calendar, list, grid, and kanban views are just a few of the many available views.

Kanban tool

The Kanban Tool can be used to begin agile development. It enables seamless time monitoring and gives you the ability to see your workflow in real time. The management of teams, reporting, and notifications features make it easier to collaborate and track tasks.

It offers features like reporting, document sharing, native mobile apps, and more that are ideal for medium-sized and large businesses. The Kanban tool also gives enterprise users the option of hosting the programme locally.


You can maintain track of your data from gathering research and ideas to sharing it with others with the well-known project management application Zenkit. It is specifically designed for teams that decide to use an agile technique to complete their work. However, it also supports more traditional project management techniques.

People looking for a flexible solution to their project needs frequently take into account Zenkit because it is a dependable project management tool with a wide variety of views, reports, and resource-management features.


Enterprise requirements are changing as the times do. Decide whether you need a tool for billing, robust reporting tools, or a thorough view of all your projects and operations in one place.

The list above should be helpful and provide you with a summary of the top project management tools to use in 2023.

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