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Best Airsoft Patches For Your Team

Calling out all gamers because this one is going to be quite interesting for you guys. If you are a true gamer, you have surely heard about Airsoft. And if you have not then we have got you covered. According to our sources, the game was first played in 1970 back in Japan. Just like any other typical game, Airsoft is a game in which you play to win by tagging your opponent out by eliminating them from the game. All you have to use is spherical plastic projectiles and airsoft guns called mock airsoft weapons. 

At this point, you’ll probably be wondering why we need patches to play a game, right? Well, first of all, it’s not our but the game’s criteria. Besides, this isn’t something new because every soldier has a badge on his uniform. Whether it’s a game or not, patches represent your team, and everyone gets to know your role. So basically, it plays a huge part in identifying a certain character of the game. 

Why do teams need these patches?

If you pay attention, you’ll know that each player has a game badge representing their team. By doing this, it gets easier to differentiate between teams and opponents. These insignias can be worn on your helmet, shoulder, vest, and wherever you want them to be. Each of them has a purpose, which is what we will be discussing today. 

How can you get Airsoft custom patches?

Now comes the most important question, how can you get these patches? Well, the easiest way to get airsoft insignias is to buy them from an online store. You can also contact a custom airsoft patch maker. The good thing about getting them personalized is that you can tell the makers how you want your badge to be made. 

Another question that people frequently ask (who don’t know anything about Airsoft) is how they would know it’s the right insignia. Well, this patch features Velcro and you won’t have a hard time sticking it to your helmet, vest, or weapon. However, it doesn’t mean that they only come with glue backing. If you want them to stick for a longer period, you can also go for sew-on patches. 

Different types of Airsoft team insignias

Now that you know the basics, we shall move on to the next thing and let you know the various types of Airsoft patches. You can choose the exceptional badge for your team from the following patches we are going to mention below. 

  • Battle dog Team Shield 
  • Team PVC patch 
  • Assault Airsoft PVC patch 
  • Apocalyptic Airsoft PVC 
  • SS team 2D PVC 
  • Kamikaze Japanese Airsoft badge 
  • Team Megaforce Minimalist 
  • Legion airsoft team patch 
  • Team F.O.A.D 

Choosing the right patch for your team totally depends on you because only you know how well you are doing in the game. The reason for stating each type above is to tell you that there are plenty of options for you to select. Each patch has its specification, and it takes a lot of effort and time to make it according to the given instruction. Therefore, while ordering your custom patches online, you must be attentive and correctly provide the requested information. Because once the patch is made, you can’t undo it. 

Information you need to make a personalized patch

Remember, we mentioned earlier that we have got you covered. Hence, the next part is about the information you might need to provide. So here we go! Usually, they have an auto-generated form you must fill out before placing your order. Don’t worry; there is no certain rule for it; all you have to do is to understand what’s been asked. 

Your full name 

Starting with the name because, of course, what can be more important than that? 

Email address 

In order to keep you updated throughout, they will ask you to provide an email address. And no, this is not going to be on your patch! You are supposed to provide a mailing address so that they can send you sketches of their work. 


We all know why we need to fill out the contact section because it is required for order confirmation. Plus, providing a contact number makes the process of dispatching more serene. Plus, if you want any last-time changes, a number is going to be a big help. 

Width and size of the patch

Now that we are done with personal information, it’s about time that you place your order for a custom airsoft patch. You may have seen options written below the product before adding it to your cart. Yes, that’s what we are talking about. Choose the size of your badge with a hundred percent accuracy by keeping in mind where you want to stick it. Just like we said earlier, it can go on your vest, weapon, or helmet so take your time making sure of this section. 


Everyone knows that insignia backing comes with plenty of backing options. However, not every backing is durable and can make or break your badge. Therefore, you must choose the right type of backing for your badge that can last long, and you won’t have to face trouble because of it. 


You wouldn’t want to pay extra for these insignias; therefore, get this option right to avoid further inconvenience. Make sure you order the right amount of patches for your team. 


Last but not least is the graphics and artwork you want on your patch. If you already have the design for your Airsoft patch, you can let the makers know about it. Or else, you can select one from the designs they are offering. And ensure you are using the right format to upload your file. It has to be pdf, png, or gif for good resolution.


A patch will not improve your performance anyway, although this will definitely help you stand out in a crowd. Apart from all that identifying purpose, teams also use it for showcasing their skills. Else you can say they need an airsoft patch to show off. Whether it’s for showcasing or showing off, you need to have the best badge for your team.

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