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3 handy Ways to Convert JPG to PDF Document Format

Yes, you can find that mostly devices store images in JPG format, which is indicated as a raster graphic file type that offers lossless compression. On the other hand, PDF is always indicated as a universal file type that store different elements including text, images, fonts, and more. And, when it comes to sharing images without impacting on their original quality, its best to store them into PDF document format and share it where you want. So, make an instant visit to theonlineconverter.com which provided you with best JPG to PDF converter that lets you export JPG as PDF online without compromising on the quality.

Even you can now account best version image to PDF converter to store multiple images at once into an editable PDF document format. Well, in this context, we covered some best ways that lets you save one or more JPG or JPEG images into the PDF documents within no time. Lets find them!

Wondershare’s PDFelement:

Wondershare is everywhere, this is an authorized platform that lets you proceed with file management and conversion within matter of seconds. It includes best version of JPG to PDF converter that requires couple of hits to turn JPG into PDF document file while maintaining and even preserving the original quality.

Besides that all, one can process OCR for text recognition and make an instant click for digital signing, form editing, and more. Even this assistance allow their users to process with online sharing through Dropbox and GDrive. Also, explore different other legitimate features such as editing, exporting, annotating, form filling, and more without any time and quality disruption.

How to Convert JPG to PDF using PDFelement?

Step #1:

  • The given “File” button is ready click on it at start and choose the “Create” > From File” that allow you to choose a JPG image file to open in PDFelement program. You can also proceed further by using the browser to choose a JPG image file from the source of local drive and choose the “Open” option

Step #2:

  • Once you have clicked on the “Open” button, you can see that this JPEG to PDF converter will commence the automatically conversion process from JPG to PDF

Step #3:

  • The upside is that this converter takes only couple of seconds to provided you with the converted PDF and you can make a single hit to save it as PDF


As the name reveals that this medium is only consists of small number of tools for files conversion and management, still performs well. You can encounter with its best online JPG to PDF converter to process single file conversions from JPG to PDF online. And, if you want to proceed with batch files conversion or need to combine multiple images into a single PDF document format, then you ought to stick with its subscription plan right there.

Besides that, you can compress, lock, split, and edit PDF document files within matter of seconds. The upside is that its interface is highly considerable and requires minimal effort to process PDF files management and conversions online.

How to convert Image to PDF with Smallpdf?

Step #1:

  • Upload JPG raster graphic image file into the drop-zone area to convert it into PDF with the assistance of this JPG to PDF converter

Step #2:

  • You can encounter with different settings such as adjust the letter size, orientation, and margin if required

Step #3:

  • Now, you have to hit the “Create PDF Now”button that mainly designed to convert PDF files


Get this best and full-fledged online converter mediums that does not involves huge manual intervention to convert files to and from compatible formats. It is one of the best JPG to PDF converter sources that lets you save JPG as PDF document without any single element quality distortion. Once the conversion is terminated with this converter, all the uploaded images and downloaded PDF document files are permanently deleted from the server source.

Even you can process with two different photo to PDF conversions with this converter: merge all images into a single PDF or save each image as a separate PDF file format online. Besides that all, now you could proceed with more than 100 different file converters that lets you perform conversions online for free of charge.

How to Convert JPG to PDF for Free with theonlineconverter?

Step #1:

  • In the given toolbox section, you need to drag and drop JPG image file that you want to store into PDF document

Step #2:

  • If you added multiple JPG images, then simply choose either you want to merge all images into an editable PDF or save them as an individual PDF file. Once you deal with this all, now press the Convert button the is placed below the toolbox section

Step #3:

  • Finally, click the “Download” button or Download Zip if you want to save all images as PDF files at once

Thankfully, you explored the tested mediums that allow you to transform one or multiple JPG regular images into a PDF document without compromising on the quality.

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