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Are You Ready to Take Some of the Best Real Estate Online Courses?

Before stepping into the real world of real estate, you first need to have some basic knowledge. For that purpose, we have some great tips for you in our real estate online courses.

All you have to do is, get enrolled first and choose any one of our three packages. Once you are on board, you can always benefit from our updated versions.

What is our mission?

Our basic motive is to bring a revolutionary change in the lives of all those seeking to step into the world of real estate. We serve this purpose through our step-by-step guide with coaching on how to make money in real estate investments.

We have the best real estate online courses, that offer the most effective strategies and lessons that are proven to make huge profits. The best part of these online courses is that you are learning from a real estate expert with a flawless track record spanning 35 years. With our best real estate online courses, you can easily achieve your goals.

Another fact is that we believe in complete transparency and no exaggeration in these courses. If you are looking for shortcuts to success, we have got you covered with our best real estate online courses.

What you will learn

We have different modules to provide you with a step-by-step learning guide.

If you are interested in knowing about the points you are going to learn in its modules, here you go:

  • Module 1: Introduction to our expert Armen Simonian.
  • Module 2: The importance of having the right and positive mindset to find the best opportunities.
  • Module 3: Discussion about learning all the skills to develop an effective relationship with real estate agents and investors.
  • Module 4: How to create long-term, quality relationships with your connections.
  • Module 5: Learn how to market yourself to find the right real estate agents and wholesale investors.
  • Module 6: To know the dos and don’ts of buying any property.
  • Module 7: Understanding the standard renovation costs and determining the property value to make the maximum out of your investments.
  • Module 8: Identify what qualities make ideal investors that ensure project completion. Also, learn the importance of a detailed agreement and make all parties aware of their responsibilities.
  • Module 9: Learn skills to identify great deals and market these deals to wholesale investors. Learn ways to analyze the amount of return on your investment.
  • Module 10: Understand how to make strong offers and how to negotiate in a hot market. Learn about short sale procedures and market trends as well.
  • Module 11: How to get maximum profit while reselling your


  • Module 12: Learn how to turn apartments into condos to earn huge profits. Moreover, learn how to get passive income by turning your flip into a rental property.

The Golden Rules of Real Estate provide you with all the tools you need to gain financial freedom. Our online courses provide you with a chance to choose from any of our mentorship packages and change your life.

The good thing about these online courses is:

  • You can become a part of our community from anywhere by enrolling in a course.
  • Now learn according to your time and wish, make it slow or fast. We make video modules available to you, just suit yourselves accordingly.
  • Calculate with us your profit and return on investment.
  • Learn how to flip properties using other people’s money.
  • Learn skills to get hot deals.
  • Learn about the ups and downs of real estate to get a good deal.
  • Learn how to have an effective deal with contractors.
  • Just one good deal, and you can earn a six-figure profit.

Don’t miss this chance to take the best real estate online courses with us. Acquire the skill you need for your financial freedom from our real estate expert with over 35 years of experience.

Ahsan Khan
Ahsan Khan
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