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Apex Launcher for Android

Apex Launcher for Android is a powerful application with many handy features. It gives an extra boost to your Android device without making you relearn how to use Android. Another great thing about this application is downloading Apex is free. You don’t have to spend your hard-earned cash relearning Android.

Features of Apex Launcher

If you’re tired of having to scroll through menus to get to your favorite apps, you’ll want to try Apex Launcher for Android. This powerful launcher for Android allows you to customize your home screen and dock with various themes and icon packs. It also features customizable drawer grids, gesture controls, and multiple effects and transitions.

Apex Launcher for Android has several different features, including a customizable grid, gesture controls, a five-page scrollable dock, and an extended widget selection. Users can also customize their app drawers with additional gestures and themes. It is available for download for $8.99.

Another feature of Apex Launcher for Android is the ability to sort your applications in your drawer. You can create folders to organize apps by title, install date, or most-used data. You can also hide apps from your drawer. Suppose you’re worried about losing your app data due to accidental deletion. In that case, Apex Launcher also has a feature called AppLock that lets you lock apps and change their features using fingertip gestures.

Apex Launcher

Apex Launcher is free.

Apex Launcher for Android is free to download and use, but you can also upgrade to its Pro version for $8.99. The pro version features many extra features, including an advanced settings panel. You can set icons, icon sizes, menu buttons, and more. You can also customize the appearance of the app drawer and home screen. Additionally, users can import settings from a previous launcher. Besides the customizable home screen, Apex Launcher for Android also offers a variety of theme options, including themes and icons.

Apex also allows you to back up your internal storage. With the support for this feature, Apex also offers users the ability to add apps manually. Lastly, users can customize their app drawer by choosing the color and style of the count.


Apex Launcher is a good option if you’re looking for an application that gives you the best security on Android. Its security features allow you to lock various apps and data on your device, including your Facebook and Messenger accounts. You can also set up different privacy protocols and customize the time it takes to lock each application. You can also hide specific applications like your gallery.

Apex Launcher is available for phones and tablets running Android 4.4 and higher. While it may have a lot of features, it requires Android 4.4 or higher. It also has advertisements and premium content. So, make sure you know what you’re getting before downloading it. There are two versions of Apex Launcher available.

More about Apex Launcher

Apex Launcher for Android security is available in a free and a Pro version. The pro version has more robust security features and allows you to lock specific apps with passwords and patterns. For Android users, this app is worth considering. While the free version is excellent for most needs, its pro version has many extra features. These features include lockdown options, app locking, and backup and restore.

Apex Launcher for Android is an easy-to-use, security-conscious app launcher. It features an advanced theme engine, gestures for icon controls, 3D transition effects, and a scrollable dock. It also has settings for unlocking apps with fingerprints or iris recognition.

The main advantage of Apex Launcher is that it is entirely safe, with malware protection built in. However, it is most notable for its customization options, including themes. You can change the look of your display with customizable icons and grid sizes. It even includes a dark theme.

Notification Badge

The latest version of Apex Launcher for Android brings a new feature: notifications displayed as badges above the app icons. If you’re using iOS, you may already know the quality. It allows you to see which messages are coming from which apps. It also lets you add folders to the app drawer. The pro version of Apex Launcher for Android comes with additional features and a more robust notification system.

The notification badge on the launcher icon shows the current status of active notifications for the associated app. It’s also known as a notification dot. Long-pressing on the icon indicates the list of messages. You can also dismiss or act on them from this menu. The long-press menu works much like the notification drawer. As new notifications arrive, their number increments. If you’ve read a statement, the number goes down.

Best customization for badges

Notification badges are also used in web push notifications. These little icons appear on web pages and are customizable. You can make a single app with several web push badges if you have multiple web push notifications. In addition, you can create your custom notification badges, which will appear in the web notification shade.

In addition to the notification badge, Apex Launcher for Android has many other features. Among these features is a companion app, TeslaUnread. It provides links to apps that can help you keep track of your notifications. In addition, you can customize the app’s theme by choosing an overall theme, changing the app drawer’s style, and modifying its actions. Finally, you can choose whether or not to display notifications in the app drawer.

You can also customize the color and style of the notification badges. This option is slightly more complicated to configure but still relatively simple. You can do it in the settings menu. However, you will need to install a free plug-in, TeslaUnread.

Battery consumption

Apex Launcher is a popular Android launcher with a standard UI and many customization options. It includes a built-in app locker, gesture controls, and icon packs. You can even customize your drawers. However, it consumes a lot of batteries. You can get a free trial version to see if you like it.

Although Apex offers a free version with most features, you can also purchase the Pro version for $3.99. This unlocks features such as App Groups, unread counters, dock widgets, and use gestures. However, Apex Launcher is not perfect, as it lacks many standard features on the latest Android versions. For example, it doesn’t support App Shortcuts, a popular part of other popular launchers.


Moreover, it’s also worth noting that some launchers are notorious battery hogs. Their battery consumption depends on how many widgets they display on your home screen. For example, if you have many Facebook apps installed, they’ll consume a lot of battery.

Apex Launcher for Android is a lightweight and customizable launcher compatible with thousands of theme packs in the Play Store. It supports up to nine customizable home screens and offers a “flower” app drawer system for sorting apps by their title and date of installation. Its pro version has additional gesture options and powerful app drawer customizations.

Latest Apex Launcher for Android 

Apex Launcher for Android is designed to be compatible with both tablets and phones. It’s low RAM and CPU-intensive and offers an optional scrollable dock at the bottom of your screen. The port also allows you to add more applications and quickly swipe through your dock.

Customization options

Apex offers many customization options, from changing the size of your home screen widgets to adjusting the fonts. You can also change the behavior of “OK, Google” and the app drawer. It also allows you to import settings from another launcher you’ve installed. There are even several advanced customization options, including the ability to change the look and feel of your app drawer.

One of the most popular features of Apex is its dock screen customization. You can customize the look of your dock screen by changing the icon padding and color. You can also adjust the spacing between icons and manage screens. And last but not least, you can add shortcuts to the Google Assistant and the Quick Settings menu. Another feature that makes Apex a great choice is its ability to support the pinch-in/out gesture.

Customization options in Apex Launcher are extensive, and you can create your icons and label them in the app drawer. The system also supports third-party icon packs and allows you to set additional gestures to perform specific actions. Finally, Apex Launcher supports multiple themes and is optimized for phones.

Two variants 

Apex Launcher comes in two variants, one free and one pro. The free version has several features, while the pro offers a lifetime package. There are also several extra features in the Pro variant, including the ability to customize the app drawer.

With a few clicks of the screen, you can easily change the appearance of your home screen. The Apex Launcher for Android lets you edit desktop icons and add custom labels. In addition, you can delete unwanted apps by dragging their icons over the “x” button or hovering over them to remove them. The app also supports single-screen wallpaper mode, allowing you to display only one app simultaneously.

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