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Advice on Making Eye Catching, Unique Ice Cream Cone Sleeves

Custom Ice cream cone sleeves are one of those things that could look inconsequential yet carry great power to draw customers from afar.
However, you need to have a clear vision of what you want your sleeves to achieve to unlock that potential.
Imagine searching google for “ice cream cone sleeve UK” and finding several gorgeous results. Which one would you follow? Which idea appeals best to you?
Look attentively at the various designs and what makes them stand out. Is it the colour of the bespoke sleeves? Does it feature embossed logos or highlighted lettering?
Remember, making ice cream cone paper sleeves is all about branding your firm. The goal is to have clients keep coming back for more, which means generating a lasting impression.
Taking a collection of unrelated designs to a printer almost guarantees that they will all be printed according to the design standards. That is to say until YOU know exactly what YOU want, it is quite unlikely that YOU will achieve your goals.
In this article, let’s discuss 9 tips for making outstanding ice cream cone paper sleeves from the idea development stage to practical application. Starting with a basic design brief:
“Ice Cream Cone Paper Sleeves, please design something that will appeal to the people in our area.”

Look to the World Around You for Ideas

This is one of the most crucial phases for producing beautiful ice cream cone paper covers.
That’s because of one basic reason… People naturally gravitate toward familiar things.
When you pull inspiration from real-life ice cream stands or items connected to your customers’ lives, you are developing an emotional connection with them. And they will naturally want to know more about your business and support you.
Pro Tip: When gathering inspiration, it can assist to look at things from different perspectives. What would an ice cream parlour in Paris, France, look like as opposed to one in Los Angeles, California, the United States?

Review Quality Templates

Creating unique patterns for ice cream cone paper sleeves is a fun craft, and the Internet is a great place to find ideas.
However, it is possible to feel too inspired. Time is of the essence, and there’s nothing worse than wasting it on a concept that has already been explored.
Because of this, before making your own personalised ice cream paper sleeves, it is recommended that you look at some high-quality templates first. It’s easy to get caught up in aesthetic trends that don’t align with your aims or audience if you don’t have a template to fall back on.
Keep an eye out for anything that stands out to you as you peruse high-quality ice cream cone sleeves designs. The logo, perhaps? Where did you find the images?
For instance, Google Images has a “Find Similar” option you can use to find more pictures like the ones you like. You may also keep tabs on certain brands online to examine how they implement their branding strategy in a variety of marketing materials.
To get the whole image of what’s possible, it’s best to look at the actual source material rather than low-resolution screenshots when compiling design elements from multiple places.

Keep Yourself In The Game

Clip art and stock photos should be avoided if at all possible.
These layouts are boring and give the impression that the designers didn’t bother or didn’t give a damn.
Using unique custom images that reflect the character of your brand can help set your ice cream cone sleeve company apart from the competition. Let’s try an experiment if you’re still not convinced.
It’s as if you walked into an ice cream parlour and saw two identical images on the sleeves, one a stock photo and the other a customer’s own creation. Which of them would catch your eye first? Considering those two options, which one would make you more likely to make a purchase?
However, don’t go overboard with the number of pictures you use. A single image might complement your company’s logo, contact details, and other vital page components.

Use Consistency in Your Branding Efforts

Keep the image of your company consistent across all advertising channels after you’ve settled on it.
Make sure that your website, social media accounts, brochures, and business cards all have the same logo placement, typeface, and colour scheme, for example.

A consistent brand identity is easier to sustain. It shows that you care enough to do things properly and are committed to your work.
Avoid using under-designed or minimalist templates when creating custom ice cream cone sleeves, as this can give the impression that your company lacks imagination.

Start Right Away!

No, you shouldn’t create your ice cream cone sleeves for tomorrow, next week, or even next month; now is a perfect time. Why is that? Modify and improve your designs as you go.
Keep in mind that any amount of design effort is preferable to none at all! More practise will lead to greater proficiency.
Check out our ready-made bespoke ice cream sleeve samples if you want to save time and money before getting started. We’ve done the legwork for you and compiled a selection of customizable templates to fit your specific branding requirements.

Find Motivation from Real-Life and Work Experiences

There is a tale behind every great designer. My experience is similar to yours.
If you have never created something like this before, your own experiences can serve as a starting point for creativity. Is there a certain set of ideas or mental pictures that you may employ to make other people happy? Explain the sources of your greatest motivation.
If you want your firm to stand out from the crowd, you might want to combine professional and personal branding strategies.
One helpful piece of advice is to have a designer or trusted friend look over your ideas before sending them off to be printed. Make sure that they are useful but also reflect your brand personality.

Colour Is More Important Than You May Realize

When designing one-of-a-kind ice cream cone sleeves, colour is crucial. It’s of greater importance than things like logo design and font selection.
What hues do you gravitate toward? Which ones do you think will complement your business best? How do YOU feel about them? As a side note, consider how the colour scheme of your current branding might be affecting your company’s image.
Expert advice: white and blue are safe bets for ice cream cone sleeve colours, as they complement a wide variety of logos. Because of the durability and adaptability of neutral colours, they are a great choice for beginners.

Get Your Feet Wet With a Minimal Investment

Don’t panic if the thought of building a full brand makes your head spin. There is no need to jump in feet first; you can take a test swim first.
To start, your ice cream cone sleeves need to focus on spreading the word about your business on social media and by word of mouth. Free samples with a company logo on the packaging can also be made available.
Pro Tip: If you’re unsure if someone would enjoy your ice cream cone sleeve design, offer it to them for free. The worst that may happen is you’ll be out a bit of time and money!

Know When To Outsource

In the end, you’ll probably need to employ a professional designer or custom packaging manufacturing firm that offers in-house designers to help develop your custom ice cream cone sleeves.
That way, you skip the time and effort of locating a printer that can handle your order without any complications. You will also produce as many revisions as necessary to acquire the best design for your business.

Case pattern for an ice cream cone sleeves

If you want to know more about how to create ice cream cone sleeve packaging, please contact our customer service experts right away.


It’s a fun creative competition to design unique ice cream cone wraps for sale in the UK. But with the right instruction and resources, the payoff may be even greater.

Ahsan Khan
Ahsan Khan
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