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The Perfect Home Office Solution: A Murphy Bed with Sofa and Desk!

One of the hardest things about finding an ideal home office is the fact that many of us don’t have any extra rooms to spare, especially if we live in a small apartment or condo, as I do. But did you know you can have a home office without taking over your living space? How? With Murphy beds!, also known as wall beds or pull-down beds, are beds that can be folded into walls to provide more floor space when not in use.

What is a murphy bed?

These bed is a piece of furniture that looks like an ordinary chest or cabinet, but it has a hinged wall behind it that allows you to fold out a full-size bed. The term Murphy bed comes from William L. Murphy, who created it in 1901. It is also known as a wall bed or pull-down bed, or slatted folding bed. It can easily be installed in any home where space is limited, such as an apartment, college dorm room, or small hotel room.

In their closed state, some beds are indistinguishable from other pieces of furniture. Many models have a sofa attached to them, so they double as both a bed and a couch. Some even have desks built into them so they can serve as an office during waking hours. Murphy beds may have one side that folds down while another side remains fixed against the wall; others have two sides that open up at once.

They are commonly made of wood, though more expensive models may use metal or other materials instead. There are also some models available with built-in televisions, DVD players, stereos, refrigerators, and even fireplaces!

How does it work?

Murphy beds have been around for almost 100 years. You can operate them manually, or you can buy an electric model. Murphy work by pushing up a wall or piece of furniture that is against a wall to reveal a bed. This bed is typically pushed up against another piece of furniture like a dresser, sofa, or desk so that it’s hidden away when not in use.

When choosing to buy a Murphy wall bed as your home office solution, you should think about how much space you’re willing to sacrifice while it’s being stored away. Murphy usually take up between three and six feet of floor space while they are closed.

Another consideration is whether you want a bed that converts into a couch. These models come at a higher price point but are definitely worth considering if storage space isn’t an issue in your home office situation.

Tips for choosing furniture

So you’re looking to add a home office space to your house. You have plenty of options when it comes to figuring out what furniture you want to use. Will you purchase or build Murphy bed furniture for your home office? There are many different options for homeowners interested in adding a desk and chair solution to their bedrooms. Wall beds may be just what you’re looking for if storage is also an issue in your room.

Another advantage of a Murphy Wall bed is that it opens up possibilities for any unused wall space, so even if there isn’t extra room next to your closet, it can work on most walls within reach of an electrical outlet.

Ten creative ways to use your murphy bed in your home

So, how do you use your murphy bed to make life a little easier? One of our favorite ways is to turn it into a Murphy wall bed with a sofa, or what we call Murphy’s Law. By day you have a comfortable couch. It’s great for watching TV or reading.

But at night, you just pull down on that handle, and presto! You have an instant comfy bed in less than 10 seconds. Need more room? You can even use an entire wall of these things if you need more space for guests (or anything else). This can be especially handy for people who live in smaller homes but want as much home office space as possible, like, say, a basement office area.


Everyone dreams of having a perfect home office where they can get work done without being disturbed. Many people also have a dream of having a bed in their room as well. What if you could combine these two dreams into one? The Murphy wall bed is a perfect solution to both your sleeping needs and your home office needs! If you need to get some sleep at night, all you have to do is close up your Murphy bed (thus turning it into a couch) and turn on your desk light. Then, when you’re ready for work during the day, just open it back up again. It’s that easy!

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