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6 Reasons Why We Hire Female Quran Tutor?

The world has advanced a lot in the past few years. We are no longer living in a time when people derogated working women. BQT follows the same perspective. The online Quran companies today have curated a team of Islamic specialists who are experienced and highly knowledgeable. They are getting female Quran tutor onboard because they understand that the female staff brings much value to their team.

Some well-known Quran Teaching Platforms have always believed in equality and diversity. They understand that a female Quran instructor can be a good resource for our team. They have learned Quran in a different setting and can ensure a well-rounded delivery of knowledge to all our students. Besides this, our platform receives worldwide students’ applications, and they have their preferences. Considering this variety, some companies have decided to hire female Quran teachers and fulfill their demands.

The benefits of having female teachers onboard are:

1.     Maintains Privacy

The well-known Quran teaching companies understand that female student are concerned about male teachers. They feel uncomfortable and shy in the presence of a male tutor. This is why they have arranged some of the best female online Quran teachers for female students.

Regardless of age, you can request the platform to arrange a female Quran teacher for you. You can learn with them in one-on-one, private classes and clarify all your confusion. Some of our female students have expressed how a female staff member helped them improve their learning and facilitated extensive support. The female students can now take classes from anywhere, anytime, and let the teachers know about all the problems they may face. Generally, the female staff members are highly accommodating to every student who enrolls with them.

2.     Better Understanding

Women have a natural tendency to provide comfort to their peers and students. The female staff is well trained and knows how to make the students feel at ease during the sessions. They develop a strong bond with their students, enabling them to learn all the lessons without confusion. It doesn’t matter if you opt for an Arab female tutor or a non-Arab female teacher; every staff member has learned how to make students feel comfortable.

An online female Quran tutor’s friendly and professional personality is critical to ensure that the students can express their concerns and queries without hesitation. The best teaching platforms have focused on bringing female tutors with a knack for teaching. They also know how to help students get rid of shyness. They adopt a balanced communication method, so the student expresses their feelings and queries without fear of being judged.

3.     Bonds are Created Fast

Bonding between a student and a teacher ensures fruitful learning. A student who runs away from asking questions and skips lessons shows signs that he/she doesn’t have a robust bond with the tutor. Even if you search for a female Quran tutor near me and hire a teacher to teach your kids physically, they may be unable to teach effectively if the students are uninterested.

When students bond with the female Quran tutor and develop a friendly bond, they can express their learning needs and concerns. They can also discuss the preferred learning pace and the methodologies that should be adopted. We have noticed that all students who sign up for classes with female tutors tend to have strong bonds. So much so that they stay in contact even after the course completion.

4.     Safe Environment for Female Students

Most of the students who ask for female tutors are females. This is the fundamental reason behind hiring female tutors. The companies want their female students to feel comfortable by providing them with a helpful team. These teachers stay on their toes to ensure that the female students learn and understand the entire curriculum without any confusion.

Those female students who observe hijab feel comfortable in the presence of female Quran tutors. They can chat, discuss, and carve out an effective learning plan. The teaching platforms understand that one of the main reasons why most female students don’t sign up at local institutes and madrassahs is because of the male staff there. Hence, they provide female Quran tutor online who will authentically convey the Word of Allah and Islamic teachings.

5.     Great Accessibility

The female Quran tutors are also easily accessible, like the male Quran tutors. They ensure that the students are asking questions and they answer right away. The best teaching platforms have devised a policy of instant communication and instructed the whole staff to be readily available for every student. Generally, online communication is much faster than offline communication, where you have to wait and meet people in person. They hire female Quran tutors and instruct them to clarify all issues of the students. They tend to respond to you 24/7 and help you have useful information about all the essential aspects.

6.     Flexible Timings

Following the suit of male Quran tutors, the teams have female staff who is also instructed to stay flexible in their classes. They can accommodate the students according to their preferred timings. The best Quran teaching teams have always strived to provide flexibility to those who enroll at their platform. They have followed this tradition and plan to maintain it in the future. The schedule, content, frequency, and pace of these classes can be adjusted according to the student’s desires.

We fully understand those female students have a bundle of responsibilities they must fulfill. These duties often stop them from signing up for the courses. However, they provide a flexible female Quran tutor who understands the problems faced by female students. They will discuss the schedule with the students and chalk out a plan that works for tutors and students.


Some companies have a vast experience in the field of Quran teaching. They have honed their craft through trial and error and understand that students face many problems enrolling in Quran learning courses. This is why they hire multiple Arab and non-Arab Quran female tutors whom you can choose and begin your Quran learning journeys.

Ahsan Khan
Ahsan Khan
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