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5 Tactical Subscription Boxes For Preppers

Prepping is vital for people in areas prone to natural disasters or civil unrest. A well-stocked emergency kit can mean the difference between life and death in a disaster. Tactical subscription boxes contain everything you need to survive an emergency until you get help. 

This post highlights five outstanding subscription boxes with the tactical gear you will need for emergencies. They will help you come out of the disaster and survive various circumstances. Pack enough of them to cater to your needs. You can decide the supplies you need by considering your family size, location, and the types of disasters that most likely occur. 

These five tactical subscription boxes are a must-have for anyone intending to create his prepping kit for various situations. 

1. Crate Club 

The best emergency survival and tactical gear include those used by professionals, special forces, and first responders. Crate Club is a monthly subscription service that sends you hand-selected, top-value tools used by these groups in their line of duty. That makes it the most badass tactical subscription box for preppers. 

The products in this tactical crate subscription include select and tested gear from pros to ensure you get the best value for your money. Expect the best quality items delivered to your address to help you get out of your situation. All their boxes come with professional-oriented stuff – no fillers. Magpul, Bushnell, and Gerber are some brands in this package. 

Crate Club has four subscription options to match your needs. The Lieutenant is the lowest one containing products for people new to tactical adventure. It will suit people who experience low-impact situations like power outages. The Captain and Major options are mid-priced with products to help you come out of more severe circumstances like hurricanes. The top-tier, General, has the most extensive range of top-quality tools for survivalists. 

2. BattlBox 

When dealing with emergencies, you better have a survival kit with sufficient supplies to handle the situation. BattlBox has a monthly subscription to top-quality survival gear to help you survive various conditions. This package brings you everything you need to get out of the woods.

The camping gear, emergency supplies, and tactical products in this subscription will help be vital when held up in an inconvenient situation. You will need them when camping in the wilderness or during a natural disaster. Besides the essential items, you will also find a guidebook with instructions on how to use them. 

This subscription comes in different tiers based on the intensity of the situation. Also, their packages are always unique. You will not receive repeated products from the previous month. Such themed boxes help you build your stockpile of supplies with varieties to ensure you get all you need. 

3. TacPack 

Do you want a monthly subscription with tactical and EDC gear to help you survive any situation? Then TacPack is the way to go. It is a monthly tactical gear supplier that aims at helping you to be self-reliant during catastrophic events. You will receive various tools and guides for different situations. 

TacPack has two subscription options: TacPack Standard and TacPack Plus. Each brings you products worth 200-300% value of the cost of the subscription. The top gear you receive will help you overcome various challenges, and unique tools every month ensure you stay ahead in any situation. 

4. Apocabox 

Survival in emergencies depends on how well-prepared you are. Apocabox brings you a monthly subscription box containing the gear you need to survive harsh situations like hurricanes and earthquakes. The items include tools from experts to help you stay alive during a disaster. Also, their boxes are mysteries. You can never tell what is in your next package.

The beauty of randomizing the products in every box is that you experience new gear. That way, you are never bored with the same items. Also, when prepping, you want to have a wide range of supplies to increase your chances of survival. The items in this box will help you stay alive and comfortable in various circumstances. 

5. ClubTac 

Have no idea what you need for your next adventure or challenge? ClubTac has got you covered. Receive top-notch gear and survival tools to aid you in every situation. The products are hand-picked by professionals, the army, and technology experts. You can use all the contents for survival, tactical adventure, and military challenges. 

This subscription comes with different membership levels to suit your needs and budget. You can choose from Standard, Pro, Premium, or Legendary. Each higher tier comes with more products and improved quality. Also, you can get various discounts at the store. New subscribers can spin a wheel for free shipping, a 25% discount, or a mystery gift. 

Summing Up 

Tactical subscription boxes bring you the gear you need to survive any situation. The monthly supply of hand-picked items helps you to get prepared for anything. Whether you are an extreme adventurer or want to be self-reliant, these boxes have something for everyone. Since most of them offer products used by professionals, you are guaranteed quality survival gear. Also, the mystery element in some of these boxes helps you to experience new products. 

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