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Top 3 Digital Marketing Tools for B2B Companies

As digital marketing grows and becomes increasingly common in companies’ daily lives, new ideas emerge and, consequently, unique needs. And from them, tools emerge to help digital marketing teams achieve the expected results in their strategies.

Investing in the right tools and hiring a good b2b marketing agency can ensure your business is booming in this field. But what are these tools? Digital marketing tools are free or paid software whose primary function is to optimize the work of companies in their marketing campaigns. Here are the top digital marketing tools for B2B companies, free and paid.


There is no way to talk about Content Marketing without mentioning SEO or Search Engine Optimization strategies. And when it comes to SEO, SEMRush stands out as one of the most important tools in the industry. To access most features, you have to upgrade your plan.

One of the strengths of this software is its keyword analysis potential, showing both the most used and the most searched words. The benefit of this is to offer marketers terms and niches that are in demand but, at the same time, little explored. This opens up the possibility of creating content marketing campaigns with more chances of success.

In addition to analyzing the performance of the company’s website, SEMRush allows the analysis of competitors’ domains, allowing the identification of possible windows between the choice of keywords from one company to another.

Google Analytics (website analytics)

For any digital marketing strategy, data analysis is always an essential part. After all, without data, there is no way to know the results of your campaigns and what you can do to make them perform better.

At these times, Google Analytics emerges as an excellent free option for collecting access and navigation data on websites, whether on desktops or mobile devices. It offers information about the most visited pages, the number of visitors, traffic source, and customer behavior while accessing the page, among other valuable information that can contribute to understanding how your page is usable.

Canva (graphic design and creation)

With its “Design for All” philosophy, Canva was created to help small businesses and content creators quickly and efficiently develop designs for their campaigns, whether for the web or not. The idea of ​​this tool is to be easy and intuitive to use, allowing anyone, with or without a background in graphic design, to use it.

Canva has a paid version, but its free version offers many features in addition to several ready-made templates.

How to choose the ideal digital marketing tools for your B2B company

It’s great that we have so many tools available, but having such a wide variety of options can make it difficult to choose. So here are some tips to help you make your decision.

  • Understand your company’s need: what digital marketing strategies does your company want to follow? If the focus is content marketing, for example, pay more attention to performance and SEO tools. Or if the biggest need today is lead generation and nurturing, check out CRM tools and so on.
  • Know how much money can be invested: how much can your company spend on tools? While there are many free tools, the greater your company’s requirement, the greater the chance you will need tools that offer more features. It is essential to evaluate the different values ​​and plans of each tool and compare them with the features offered by each one.
  • Search and read reviews: before hiring any service, look for reviews on the internet about that particular tool. Knowing the opinion of those who already use or have used it can be the north you need before making decisions. One of the most important pieces of information is whether the tool is intuitive and easy to use. After all, it’s no use paying a high price for a tool that no one can get the most out of.
  • Make use of free trials: nothing better than testing the efficiency of the tool through the use of it in practice, right? Most tools have free trial periods, which is a great way to find out how they work and if they deliver what they promise.
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