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5 Secret Things You Didn’t Know About DIABETES

It is estimated that millions of people in the United States alone suffer from type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes every year, which are chronic diseases. When diabetes is left untreated, it can result in serious health complications, such as kidney failure, heart disease, blindness, and even the necessity of amputation of the toes, feet, or legs.

You may be able to identify symptoms of diabetes in loved ones, prevent the disease in yourself or a loved one, and save lives by spreading awareness about this important condition by learning more about it. There are 10 secrets that most people don’t know about diabetes, and when you read on, you’ll discover some of them.

1) Types of Diabetes

As far as diabetes is concerned, there are three major types: type 1, type 2, and gestational diabetes.

Type 1 : Diabetes type 1 is found when your body does not produce insulin.

Type 2 : Diabetes type 2 occurs when the body does not produce enough insulin, or when the cells do not respond to insulin properly.

gestational diabetes.:

There are several types of diabetes that may occur during pregnancy, but gestational diabetes is one of them. Both the mother and her child can suffer serious health problems as a result of this condition. I am glad to tell you that gestational diabetes can be controlled with diet, exercise, and insulin therapy, which is the good news.

If you have gestational diabetes during pregnancy, you should be closely monitored by your healthcare team. There is no cure for gestational diabetes, but it increases your risk for developing type 2 diabetes later on in life if you do have it during pregnancy.

By maintaining a healthy weight, eating a healthy diet, and getting regular exercise before and during pregnancy, you will be able to reduce your risk of gestational diabetes during pregnancy. The healthcare provider should be able to answer any questions you may have about gestational diabetes if you have any concerns or questions

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2) Causes of Diabetes

It is thought that type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disorder, even though the exact cause is not known. The type 1 diabetes is characterized by the body’s inability to produce insulin, which is essential for the regulation of blood sugar levels. In the case of type 2 diabetes, which is a combination of genetic and lifestyle factors, can be caused by a combination of both. Obesity, a sedentary lifestyle, and a poor diet are all contributing factors to type 2 diabetes.

3) Side Effects

There are a number of serious health complications that can be caused by diabetes, including heart disease, stroke, kidney disease, blindness, and amputation, to name a few. Good news is, if you manage your diabetes and keep your blood sugar levels under control, you will be able to help prevent or delay these complications from developing.

4) Symptoms

Diabetes is one of the most serious, and potentially fatal, diseases that you can suffer from. One of the main reasons why it’s so dangerous is because there are often no symptoms, so those who suffer from diabetes may be completely unaware of their condition until it’s far too late. If you want to stay safe from this disease, then you need to be aware of the common warning signs of diabetes, as well as what you can do for reducing your risk of developing it in the first place. Here are some symptoms of diabetes that you need to know about!

The most common symptoms diabetes are:

1. Increased thirst and urination. When your blood sugar is high, your body tries to get rid of the excess sugar by flushing it out of your system through increased urination. This can leave you feeling thirsty as well.

2. Extreme hunger. High blood sugar levels can cause you to feel hungrier than usual.

3. Weight loss. Despite eating more than usual to relieve hunger, you may still lose weight if you have type 1 diabetes because your body is unable to use the glucose for energy.

4. Fatigue and irritability. Type 1 diabetes can make you feel tired and irritable.

5. Blurry vision.

5) Treatment

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Diabetes has many different treatment options, and each person with the condition must find the one that works for them. Others can manage their diabetes with diet and exercise alone, while others need insulin. Working with your doctor to find the best treatment for you is important because there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

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Ahsan Khan
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