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5 Reasons to do 3d Marketing for ecommerce

As the experience and engagement becomes more pivotal to ecommerce success, 3D marketing is one of the latest trends catching up. Digital visualisation, bringing products to life and improving the customer experience. 3d marketing makes it possible for consumers to get a feel for the product without experiencing it in person. And it allows companies to show off the quality of their products. It also has major benefits when it comes to space planning and organisation. Digital visualisations allow customers to virtually try on certain products such as jewellery or clothing, and they can even change the clothes on store mannequins with the simple swipe of a finger. For example, fashion retailer Topshop offers an augmented reality app where users can point their phones at

This is because 3D marketing provides an opportunity to show off the quality of your products, helping you better communicate with customers and have a positive impact on their buying decision. It’s also a great way to help companies with their space planning and organisation. Find more examples of its uses here

3D marketing offers a great deal for both consumers and brands alike.

3D marketing offers great advantages. For the consumer, it allows you to get a feel for your product without having to experience it in person. This can be especially useful when you’re shopping online. If you’re not sure if this dress will look good on you or if those shoes are going to match with your outfit, having access to an interactive 3D model of these items can help put your mind at ease before making a purchase decision.

Additionally, 3D marketing is great for brands because it allows them to show off the quality of their products while also conveying information about size, color options and other specifications in an engaging way that draws attention from potential consumers who may otherwise overlook such details when browsing a store shelf full of 2D sales images or brochures during checkout time at retail locations around town (like department stores). It also has major benefits when it comes to space planning and organisation: by offering real-time visualization capabilities that allow managers to know exactly where each item goes without having any room left over at all—which reduces costs associated with inventory management significantly!

3D marketing is an excellent way to show off the quality of your products. It allows companies to show how their products are made, used, packaged, shipped and even stored! In fact, 3D marketing can make all kinds of things more visual for customers:

  • Food packaging
  • Clothing design
  • Automobiles
  • Jewellery

3D visualisation is also great for space planning. It can help you to see how different products will fit together in a particular space, or how they might look when placed in the right light and against certain background colours. It can also help you to understand how certain types of product work together – this can be particularly useful when planning out shop layouts as well as in other areas such as homes or offices.

3D marketing enables customers to experience products without visiting a physical store.

3D marketing is a way to bring products to life. It can be used to show off the quality of a product and its functionality, or it can help customers understand how something will look in their home.

3D models are created using 3D modeling software, such as blender, Maya, Unity which allows you to see the model from every angle and rotate it around on all sides. These models are then uploaded into virtual reality headsets such as Oculus Go or HTC Vive so that customers can experience them in an immersive environment with full 360-degree views. However, many brands are looking to create virtual web experiences which can be viewed without headsets by any online shopper.


3D Marketing is a great tool for companies and consumers alike. Buildvr application offers an innovative no code way to provide customers with more information about products, while also allowing them to experience them in an immersive way. The benefits of this technology are numerous, any one can use it without being a techie and showcase great 3d experiences by using imagination and creativity. Brands can also assemble new 3d experiences multiple times in a month easily and post them on social media. Most of the features are free so that customers can try and play around. More can be found here.

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