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5 Benefits of Studying BCA from IGNOU

When it comes to a bright future, computer education and its related fields come to mind quickly. There are many programs of Computer applications in various institutions in the country that provide quality education. A Bachelor of Computer Applications is one of them that is offered by the Indira Gandhi National Open University. It’s a three-year bachelor’s degree program that can be completed in five years from IGNOU. The course is delivered through the School of Computer Science, IGNOU. 

The varsity offers the best quality courses under UG and PG levels and BCA is one of them that provides a perfect path for the students to prepare them for higher education and career opportunities. 

Here, in this blog, you will know 5 major benefits of studying BCA from IGNOU. Let’s have a look at each of them:

  • Multi-faceted Career opportunities

It’s the era of computer education where most of the tasks are done digitally. Candidates can easily choose the BCA degree program from IGNOU in order to enhance their skills in the computer and IT sector. The course prepares students for various career opportunities like IT, healthcare, software, transportation and education. In case you are looking for diverse career opportunities after your graduation, then BCA may be your last destination as it provides a perfect platform to grow. 

  • Global Career Options

Candidates for the BCA degree program can easily embark on a career based on computer applications and their hardware. Computer professionals are highly paid individuals that get good salary packages from their respective IT and computer industries. They know various skills to handle multiple tasks through the use of applications and computer applications. Getting a BCA degree can help you advance your career to make your life or future bright. Candidates can also pursue a Master’s degree in computer applications for better career opportunities because computer engineers are in high demand all over the world. 

  • Lucrative Career Options

BCA degree programs provide many lucrative career opportunities because it infuses technology and modern tradition. Most companies are looking for dynamic and enthusiastic candidates that can hold various positions in the IT sector and are skilled in handling computer applications and hardware. Candidates can easily choose their preferred position in the computer field like Computer analyst, Data Entry Operator, Software Developer, IT consultant etc. The salary packages that students of BCA hold are also very good as best-in-class salary packages are offered to these candidates of BCA. 

  • Multiple Specializations to Choose From

There are many specializations offered under the BCA degree course. The diversity of specializations provides options to students for their bright future. The specialization of BCA includes Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain Technology, Full Stack Development, Information Technology, Cloud Security, Machine Learning and much more. Candidates can easily choose their desired course of specialization at their UG level through BCA. They can easily choose their preferred one for their innovative and career options. 

  • An Affordable Education

BCA is very affordable as compared to other degrees like B.Tech and B. Pharma. Most of the students have misconceptions that a BCA degree is very expensive but it’s not true as a BCA degree is provided also by distance and open mode through many educational institutions. IGNOU is one of them that provides BCA with quality education. The fee of BCA in IGNOU is very affordable as students can easily pay the same online or by visiting the concerned and Nearest regional centre of IGNOU. Students can easily visit the university’s website for various details like course structure and fee details. The complete information is provided in the prospectus with admission guidelines. 

The degree of BCA is provided by flexible rules and regulations of the university. One can check the IGNOU webpage that is ignou.ac.in for more details. 

  • Great Networking Opportunities

A BCA degree can easily open various opportunities for your career and bright future to embark on a success plan. The Bachelor of Computer Applications from IGNOU provides good networking opportunities to IT professionals because the university holds various seminars and workshops on a regular basis. It enhances the networking opportunities of the candidates. With a BCA degree in hand, you can easily embark on networking opportunities as you will meet many professionals in computer applications. Nobody knows who will help you in your near future for their bright future. 

  • IGNOU Provide Valid Degree value

IGNOU is a well-known university that offers best-in-class degree value at both UG and PG levels. Candidates of BCA will get UGC approved and AICTE recognized degrees that help them in advancing their careers. BCA provides a perfect platform to enrich the knowledge of young minds because most of the students after their class 12th choose a BCA degree for their good career scope. 

  • Candidates can become IT professionals and Start their Career 

Students after completing their BCA degree program can easily become good IT professionals. However, they can’t hold a managerial or corporate position in the IT industry but they can give a kickstart to their career through paid internships and from lower positions. The career is bright for BCA students because most organizations are in search of the best professionals or candidates who have the knowledge of the IT domain and its related services. Students can start their career with this course as IGNOU provides good education in distance and open learning mode. The complete details regarding the admission procedure are mentioned in the website that can be accessed using ignou.ac.in. 

  • Candidates Get Flexibility in IGNOU BCA

BCA is offered under distance and open learning mode by the Indira Gandhi National Open University which provides various flexibilities to the students. Candidates can easily get a flexible learning system like their own time schedule for learning and taking online classes. The course structure is available online which provides great relief to the students. Students of BCA will get a perfect ambience through the flexible education of the university. The varsity provides all the resources in a very student-friendly way. They can take online classes from any location in the country and can easily register or transfer their registration to any regional centre of the varsity.

Ahsan Khan
Ahsan Khan
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