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12 Important Things to Remember When Packing Breakables

Fragile items can be hard to pack, which can be one of the most stressful parts of moving. It makes sense to worry that these things will break or get damaged while they are being shipped especially if you don’t hire the professional movers and packers. During a move, boxes are handled a lot, so you need to be extra careful with fragile items to make sure they stay safe.

The first step in making sure your fragile items stay safe is how you pack them. You should be extra careful with the tools and methods you use. Even the most fragile things can be moved without breaking if you take the time and care to pack them properly.

How to Pack Things That Break

1. Put heavy and fragile items in smaller boxes

Small boxes are easier to move, and the things inside them are less likely to move around. Make sure to fill any empty spots with a lot of padding.

2. Avoid weak boxes.

The box should be thicker and stronger, the better it is. Before you put anything in a box, don’t use it if it gives at all. Safe is better than sorry!

3. Seal the bottom of the box with extra strips of tape.

Extra strips of tape will help the box stand up better and keep it from bending under the weight of its contents. If you hire movers and packers in Dubai ask him to use the quality strips of tape.

4. Cover the bottom of the box with soft packing material.

You can use packing paper, bubble wrap, foam, Styrofoam peanuts, or even towels to cushion the bottom of the box. Then, when everything is in, fill in any empty spaces.

5. Anticipate environmental changes

If you are moving overseas, you should know that humidity and changes in the environment could hurt your things while they are being moved.

Putting insulation paper or bubble wrap on the inside of your boxes will keep moisture from getting to your fragile items.

6. Put the things that are the heaviest at the bottom of the box.

When you go grocery shopping, you would never put a carton of eggs under a bag of dog food. The same thing goes for packing. As you start to pack your boxes, put the heavier things on the bottom and the lighter, more fragile things on top. Follow the same rule when you are loading your moving truck.

To pack your fragile things, you might want to buy portable storage. This will give you more time to organise the moving container without the added stress or cost of hiring professional movers.


Before you move, make sure to take apart any big, heavy furniture. It makes it easier to move the items through the door frame and onto and off of the moving truck. Once the furniture is broken into smaller pieces, carefully wrap each one in bubble wrap and tape it shut.

Put a large piece of cardboard on the inside and outside of the box and bubble wrap in the middle if you need to move a mirror. Use the same way to pack paintings and other fragile pieces of art. Hold on to these things as you move.

8. Mark is not strong

This might seem like a simple step, but it’s easy to think that you and everyone else will be able to tell which box is which. Make sure to clearly label your boxes so that you and others can find them again easily.

You will feel a lot better if you clearly mark all boxes that need special care with the word “fragile” and show which way up the box should stay.

9. Put the things that weigh the most at the bottom.

Stack everything from biggest to smallest so the bottom of the box is well-supported and smaller things don’t get crushed.

10. Use dividers to keep glasses and stemware separate.

You can buy cardboard dividers for boxes or special boxes for stemware that already have dividers to keep the pieces from moving around and hitting each other.

Learn why it’s important to use the right materials for packing

11. Pack hollow items with packing paper

Putting packing paper in glasses, jars, and other items with empty spaces can help to reduce vibrations.

12. Wrap each piece and item separately.

Everything from glasses and plates to fragile decorative items should be wrapped individually, depending on their size, shape, and material. Lids and other loose parts should be taken off and wrapped separately. Things that need to be kept safe, like china, should be wrapped in bubble wrap and taped down. Also, instead of putting these things on top of too many other things, put them in their own small boxes.

13. Make sure to use a lot of packing tape.

Wrap fragile items in packing paper or bubble wrap and use a lot of packing tape to make sure the wrapping stays together and the items don’t move around while travelling. With the tape, the things will stand up much better.

14. Mark things that are fragile in a clear way.

Each box with fragile items should have a label that says “fragile” in large, clear letters. Put these boxes in a different place and tell the movers to be careful with them. So, they will know to be extra careful with those boxes and put them in the truck the right way.

15. Take Your Time

It’s easy to want to move quickly so you can get everything done. But it’s especially important to take your time and pay attention when packing fragile things. If you move more slowly, you won’t be tempted to cut corners or make mistakes on moving day that will cost you.

If you think these tips for packing fragile items are too hard, you can just call “Best Movers”. we can make sure that your most fragile belongings are safe during your move. With our full-service moving, we pack, move, and unpack your whole home so you don’t have to do anything.

Ahsan Khan
Ahsan Khan
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