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10 Fortnite Spooky Skins For The Halloween Season

The Fortnitemares event is coming up quickly, so be ready for some spooky fun on the Fortnite island in October. Gaming fans have a lot to look forward to in the month of October, as many games host exciting events throughout the month themed after Halloween’s tricks and goodies. A special Halloween-themed version of Fortnite, called Fortntiemares, is just one of several games that get into the spirit of the season.

A lot of Fortnite fans are probably wondering what the scariest skins are so they can join in on the Halloween fun. There is a wide variety of Halloween-themed skins, some of which are quite terrifying.

  1. Hollowhead

A pumpkin is the quintessential symbol of Halloween. It’s a must-see throughout the month of October and a preview of the scares to come on Halloween. The Hollowhead skin gives players the look of a hollowed-out pumpkin head with glowing lips and eyes, evoking the eerie thought of what may be hiding within.

Hollowhead is a fantastic-looking skin that goes wonderfully with the eerie atmosphere. He’s so high-status in the kingdom of pumpkins that he even wears a cloak. For 1,500 V-Bucks, Hollowhead will show up in the game.

  1. Hay Man

The creepy-looking Hay Man may be purchased from the current item shop for Fortnite for 1,500 V-Bucks. In the spirit of the season, this costume is as eerie as it gets. Scarecrows have a notorious reputation for being scary. The Hay Man is just one of many terrifying creatures that the Fortnite island will have to keep an eye out for.

The skin itself is unsettling because of the orange eyes that seem to stare right through its opponents. The knitted grin on the face, which grows and spreads, is what really gives the skin its creep factor.

  1. Mincemeat

Smells are often difficult to depict on the page, but Mincemeat leaves little to the imagination. Available for 1,500 V-Bucks, this skin is perfect for Halloween. Flies are swarming around a humanoid meat pie, which has limbs and legs proportionate to its body size, in search of the flesh that is slowly oozing out of the pie’s baked shell. A very unsettling image, ideal for the spooky season.

A pork pie coming to life and doing a 180 raises numerous concerns, but the most crucial one is: how? Of more concern is, though, just what kind of meat this individual represents. One thing is for sure: it’s a creepy story. Avoiding a battle with Mincemeat is a safe bet.

  1. Big Mouth

The ghoulish Big Mouth skin is the latest Halloween-themed addition to the Fortnite wardrobe. To put it bluntly, this group has a jaw like no other and appears to be quite the large mouth. Every part of Big Mouth’s face is a massive mouth, and he has terrifyingly pointy teeth and a particularly repulsive lengthy tongue. Even frogs have been seen wrapped around human flesh, often for a late-night feast.

The fact that Big Mouth can be played in two distinct ways—the normal and the deadly—makes it well worth the asking price of 1,500 V-Bucks. Even though the head, given its size, might be obtrusive against other skins, the whole effect is thoroughly eerie.

  1. Frankenstein’s Monster

Universal’s Monsterverse may be sinking, but it won’t halt the inevitable resurgence of the living. With the release of the Universal Monster Set, a joint effort between Fortnite and Universal, the feared creature created by Dr. Frankenstein finally makes its way to Fortnite’s island. There is no surprise in the fact that Frankenstein’s Monster wears a typical monster costume. You can tell it’s an alien because of its green skin, squared off face, and metal cylinder inserted in the neck.

Players may get their hands on one of the original gothic creatures for only 1,200 V-Bucks. Its skin is both eerie and a wonderful tribute to the legendary monsters of classic literature and film.

  1. Nitehare

What does one do with cute, cuddly rabbits on the night of Halloween? They take on a sinister air. When players use the Nitehare skin, they’ll see a faceless rabbit and immediately flee away in terror. Even more unsettling than the sight of a rabbit with limbs and legs is the fact that it has blank white eyes and a stitched-up head.

This skin costs a reasonable 1,500 V-Bucks, which is par for the course for a skin of Epic rarity in Fortnite. Lots of little features are etched into the flesh, including sharp nails and a straitjacket with a chalk score across the waist. What Nitehare is counting raises an obvious issue.

  1. Teef

Fortnite has a history of crazy Halloween outfits, and Teef has been among the scariest of them ever. A glob of pink paint splattered through a neck hole best describes this outfit. This pink goo with a gaping maw is a genuinely terrifying addition to Halloween, with far too many yucky teeth to count.

The white and black jumpsuit Teef wears in this 1,500 V-Bucks skin makes him look like he just escaped from some sort of prison. The backbling, which appears as a large pink blob with teeth, is another source of discomfort for the skin.

  1. The Mummy

Players may get their hands on Universal’s The Mummy for for 1,200 V-Bucks. This outfit is covered with bandages, but they aren’t the sort that can be used to heal for up to 75% of your health. This ancient wrapping protects the skin of the revived Mummy, who, after thousands of years in a tomb, wants nothing more than to win the royal battle.

This skin’s eerie design is a nod to the classic Universal Monsters films. Players can’t cover their nasty, zombie skin under a bandage since the face still shows through. Additionally, the skin may be processed with a vintage filter that gives it a grainy, black and white appearance, similar to that of an old film reel.

  1. Peely Bone

The game’s unidentified but well adored mascot appears to be Peely. The face of several seasons of Fortnite and a hero at crucial moments, Bananaman is a fan favourite. He’s a popular guy, so long as you don’t blend him up into a smoothie, he’ll be your loyal companion. But Peely knows a frightening time of year when he sees one, and so Peely Bone is conceived.

Half of Peely’s skin is removed, revealing his bony framework, therefore he can be considered pretty unsightly. For 1,500 V-Bucks, players may run around the island as a hybrid of a regular Peely and a skeleton, complete with an emote in which Peely plays his ribs like a xylophone.

  1. Skull Trooper

Skull Trooper was introduced to Fortnite five years ago, during the game’s inaugural season. For 1,500 V-Bucks, you could get this skin, which was a pioneer in trying out a new aesthetic direction during the game’s early seasons. In terms of rarity, Skull Trooper was considered to be a “OG” skin. He had been unavailable to players until Fortnite made him available again as a purchase.

Skull Trooper’s original purchasers got the Purple Glow colorway before he was reissued. Players have been using this skin for a long time, and they continue to think it’s great. The Skull Trooper uniform is suitably creepy for the upcoming Halloween season, and it has Jonesy all geared up and ready to go.

Ahsan Khan
Ahsan Khan
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