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Zero-Cost Website Promotion: Proven Tactics for Attracting More Visitors

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Maximize Your Online Visibility Without a Budget: Free Website Promotion Ideas

In this digital age, launching a beautiful website is unfortunately no longer enough to attract a lot of new customers. On the contrary. You will have to promote your website on the internet in order to increase sales and build brand awareness.

Although you naturally think that promoting your website online costs a lot of money, there are still some effective ways in which you can promote your website for free. We have already listed 2+6 ways that you can use to give your visitor numbers a nice boost for free.

Answer questions on Quora

One of the best ways to promote your website is through Quora . However, this website is overlooked by many entrepreneurs because the results are not directly measurable. Yet quite a few large companies – just think of Neil Patel, the Buzzsumo team or Duck Duck Go – use Quora to build “thought leadership”, increase brand awareness, strengthen customer confidence and attract new customers.


On Quora, people can ask questions about anything from how expensive life is in Dubai, how to create shop on Instagram or even which company is best for eCommerce website development Dubai. No question is too stupid or too weird for Quora. In addition, hundreds of questions within your niche are posted on the website every day.

It is then up to you to answer a question or two every day as completely as possible. In the answer you can link to certain blog posts where you go deeper into the subject. On this page you can then possibly process a “lead magnet” or you can refer visitors to certain products.

Spend time on your search engine optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an effective way to improve a website’s ranking in Google and other search engines. Unlike, for example, search engine ads, the traffic you get through SEO is completely organic. This means that this traffic does not cost you a penny and that the visitors who click on your website or article do so with a certain funnel intention (gathering information, comparing, buying, etc.).

It is very important that you make sure that your website is optimized for SEO and that you write blog posts using popular keywords to ensure that you attract new visitors through search engines. There are some SEO packages Dubai that can help you with on page, off page and also technical SEO.

Use your email list to promote your website

As a company you probably have an email list at your disposal. Yet there are many companies that ignore this mailing list or only send out a few e-mails per year when, for example, there is a sale, or to wish customers happy holidays.

However, email marketing is a very good way to promote your website for free. This direct form of personal communication between you and your customers is an effective method of driving people to your website or blog . For example, share new blog posts, talk about new ways you can use a service or product or answer a frequently asked question. Always make sure your newsletter is informative with a clear call-to-action.

Use Whatsapp for businesses

Did you know that you can now also use Whatsapp as a company? You can send commercial messages to customers via Whatsapp at the touch of a button or use the medium as an effective way to offer customer assistance. When customers have questions, you can solve these questions via Whatsapp and then forward the customer to a blog post or page where all this information is clearly explained. Moreover, you can also promote new products via Whatsapp or inform customers that there are new promotions.

Do PR through HARO

Would you like to appear in a well-known publication? Or maybe you want to be a guest on a podcast or a TV show to promote your business and website and talk about your niche? You can do that via HARO . HARO – short for Help A Reporter Out – is a website where journalists and reporters post calls when they need experts in certain niches for reporting or journalistic pieces. You can then pitch these journalists, after which you may be asked to give an interview or where your name and company are mentioned in a newspaper article.

Use Google My Business

Do you have a business that has a physical location? Then don’t forget to create a Google My Business account. When someone searches for a company like yours in the area, your company will not only appear on Google Maps, your company will also get a nice window on the right side of the search results with your telephone number, location, opening hours and of course your website. More and more people click on the website to get an idea of ​​whether your company offers the services or products they are looking for.

Post blog posts on Medium

Do you have a quick pen or do you ever hire someone to write nice blogs for your company? Be sure to post a blog post on Medium every now and then . Medium is a very well-known website where informative, funny, but above all qualitative blog posts are posted by users. When you post a high-quality blog packed with interesting information, it is possible that your blog post will go viral. Don’t forget to link back to your own blog in this blog post to send more people to your website.

Post on Social Media Network

Finally, you can also post images of your services or products on social media network to promote your website for free.

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