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Best YouTube Channels to Watch in 2022

One of the most widely used international internet platforms is YouTube. After Google, it is the biggest and most well-known website. Nowadays, a lot of people use the social media site YouTube. It’s great for personal use, but corporations may also utilize it to establish a brand. It is all about sharing videos, liking, and commenting on different videos.

 Many YouTubers create their own YouTube channels and start uploading videos. There are various popular YouTube channels to watch and enjoy their content. You can also download videos from YouTube and enjoy them by watching them even when you are offline. There are many softwares which apps download YouTube videos when you are offline. 

 With millions of members and dozens of producers, YouTube has truly become a worldwide platform. But which YouTube channels will have the highest subscriber counts in 2022? We’ll examine the most popular YouTubers in this article, as well as those in particular niches like music or Minecraft gamers, in nations like the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Germany.

List of 7 Prominent YouTube Channels to Watch

Here are some YouTube channels to watch that are famous for their incredible content. Moreover, they have the highest number of followers and views. Here we go:

  1. PewDiePie
  •    Total Number of Subscribers: 111M subscribers
  •    Videos: 4.5K
  •     Language: English
  •      Total Number of Views: 28,538,508,353 views
  •       Launching Date:  Apr 29, 2010 
  •      Link to YouTube Channel: https://www.YouTube.com/user/PewDiePie

Pew represents the sound that lasers produce; die simply means “to die,” and pie shows his love of his preferred sweet. Pewdiepie has developed into a massive brand over time, and businesses are clamoring to be associated with it.

The real name of PewDiePie is Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg. He is, nevertheless, known as PewDiePie throughout the entire world. With his Let’s play videos, where he filmed his outrageously funny reactions to in-game happenings, Pewdiepie’s channel took off.

 Over the years, his channel kept expanding dramatically, but he never had a single viral video to that we could attribute his success to. His success has come slowly, with each new video adding a little more.

The most subscribed YouTube creator right now is PewDiePie, aka Felix Kjellberg, who has more than 111 million followers. On his channel, he mainly shares gaming-related videos, but he also does comedic sketches, meme reviews, and many other things.

  1. MrBeast
  • Total Number of Subscribers: 105M subscribers
  • Videos: 729
  • Language: English
  • Total Number of Views: 17,486,412,493 views
  • Launching Date:  Feb 20, 2012
  • Link to YouTube Channel: https://www.YouTube.com/user/MrBeast6000

Jimmy Donaldson, best known by his stage name Mr. Beast, has demonstrated that being kind can help you succeed. Jimmy established the popular genre of contribution stunts and is known as the master of trend jacking. He currently has over 102 million members, and it seems like he is only getting started.

Mr. Beast’s videos are constantly evolving, developing, getting better, and becoming one of the popular YouTube channels to watch. He will continue to be highly successful with whatever he ventures into next, whether it be hiring an entire crew of editors and cameramen or leasing a football stadium. Because of this, Mr. Beast will surpass all previous YouTube giants.

Given that a large portion of MrBeast’s following is under the age of 18, he is the kind of uplifting influence that GenZ and the world at large need.

He is one of the few YouTubers who create content that most people would consider impossible to make. While many people have found little to no means to protect our environment, Mr. Beast and his team are spreading the message that no matter what you do or where you come from, you can have a positive, influential impact on the globe.

  1. Like Nastya
  • Total Number of Subscribers: 101M subscribers
  • Videos: 715
  • Language: English
  • Total Number of Views: 84,169,554,228 views
  • Launching Date:  Dec 6, 2016
  • Link to YouTube Channel: https://www.YouTube.com/channel/UCJplp5SjeGSdVdwsfb9Q7lQ

The eight-year-old star of Like Nastya, the fifth most popular YouTube channel of all time, Nastya Radzinskaya, is aiming for a vibrant new world of beauty and self-care. Nastya is launching an 11-piece set of soaps, bath bombs, and lip care products called “Bathe Like Nastya” in association with Nectar Bath Treats.

Nastya, who was crowned the highest-paid female YouTuber of 2021 and had more than 250 million subscribers, intends to inform both her existing and potential fans about the value of self-care.

Since launching her channel in 2016, Nastya has racked up more than 110 billion views, catapulting her to global notoriety. In videos that are subtitled in ten different languages, Nastya and her parents, who are based in Miami, Florida, play, learn and explore.

As Nastya travels the globe and learns life lessons such as the value of eating a balanced diet, washing your hands, being a good friend, and many other things, millions of children and families join.

  1. Vlad and Niki
  • Total Number of Subscribers: 87.3M subscribers
  • Videos: 487 
  • Language: Russian
  • Total Number of Views: 68,602,115,797 views
  • Launching Date:  Apr 23, 2018
  • Link to YouTube Channel: https://www.YouTube.com/c/VladandNiki

Vlad and Niki Vashketov, another amazing popular YouTube channels to watch and enjoy its content. They are two Russian siblings who are among the most popular young creators on YouTube. Their videos have garnered over 181 million global subscribers and 99 billion views, placing them as the ninth most popular YouTube channel worldwide. Vlad, 8, and Niki, 5, along with their mother Victoria, infant brother Christian, and other family members produce preschool-oriented videos in which the brothers experiment with new candies, play with enormous toys, or get into mischief when mom isn’t looking.

Vlad started seeing other kids create material on YouTube in April 2018 and asked his parents if he could do the same. Sergey Vashketov, their father, gave up his profession in sales to develop the channel by establishing brand agreements and international licensing. Hot Wheels, Paw Patrol, the WWE, and Imaginext are a few of the brands that Vlad and Niki have relationships with.

  1. Dude Perfect
  • Total Number of Subscribers: 58.3M subscribers
  • Videos: 300 
  • Language: English
  • Total Number of Views: 14,953,290,317 views
  • Launching Date:  Mar 17, 2009
  • Link to YouTube Channel: https://www.YouTube.com/c/DudePerfect

The majority of Dude Perfect’s most well-liked content comprises videos including numerous stunts and trick shots that have been edited together with lively music. The organization also frequently posts videos of “battles,” in which the individual Dude Perfect members compete against one another in a friendly game or contest that typically incorporates components from several sports and has its own set of rules. Undoubtedly, Dude Perfect has a platform.

 They now have a TV show, a video game, and a large sports facility to shoot their insane videos as a result of the phenomenal popularity of their YouTube channel. The level of popularity and prosperity they have attained is something that most people are unable to handle. One might recall other well-known YouTubers like PewDiePie and Logan Paul, whose stardom ultimately damaged their reputations.

  1. JuegaGerman
  • Total Number of Subscribers: 46.4M subscribers
  • Videos: 1.9K
  • Total Number of Views: 13,845,903,284 views
  • Launching Date:   May 19, 2013
  • Language: English
  • Link to YouTube Channel: https://www.YouTube.com/c/JuegaGerman

The most popular YouTube channels to watch in Chile is Germán Garmendia. He is an actor and singer who began by posting comedy sketches and vlogs. His second channel, JuegaGerman, which was established in 2013, is primarily dedicated to gaming videos but has also included comedic content. Even though he hasn’t uploaded to his initial channel HolaSoyGerman in years (it has 43,3 followers), it still ranks highly on YouTube and was only recently narrowly surpassed by JuegaGerman, which is still regularly updated.

On his channel, Garmendia posts three to four films each week. His videos quickly receive millions of views. He uploads response videos, vlogs, and attempts at life hacks in addition to let’s plays of a variety of games, such as Poppy’s Playtime, The Quarry, and Roblox.

  1. Fernanfloo
  • Total Number of Subscribers: 45.3M subscribers
  • Videos: 542 
  • Total Number of Views: 10,027,767,924 views
  • Launching Date:   May 2, 2011
  • Language: Spanish
  • Link to YouTube Channel: https://www.YouTube.com/user/Fernanfloo

His subscriber base (43.6 million) exceeds the population of the nations in which he resides (El Salvador). Since 2011, he has continuously posted amusing films to YouTube. But after a few years, he began to explore the game market, and today he is well-known in the industry.

One of the YouTube channels with the highest Spanish language content is Fernando’s fernanfloo channel. He released his Fernanfloo app in 2015. inside the first week, it had been downloaded over 2.3 million times

YouTuber Luis Fernando Flores is from El Salvador. Though not entirely, he frequently produces gaming videos and occasionally offers more intimate vlog-style films. He watches a lot of animated movies and plays a variety of games, including horror, GTA 5, GOW, and arbitrary independent titles. In 2021, Fernanfloo held the 10th-place ranking.


The characteristics and helpful information of the most popular YouTube channels to watch are mentioned in the arguments above. The audience is effectively entertained by all of these influencers. All YouTubers are working hard to meet the audience’s needs as technology continues to advance. YouTube is a fantastic medium for entertainment because it offers the best content for a wide range of age groups.

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