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Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6 – What is the new generation coming up with?

Xiaomi Mi Band 6, the sixth version of the famous Chinese smart band, was released not even 9 months after the release of the fifth generation. That begs the question. How, after waiting nine months, did Xiaomi accessories in New Zealand able to improve this band?

What’s new with Xiaomi Mi Band 6?

I’m going to start out by piling on the pressure. Differentiating the Mi Band 6 from its predecessors,

  • Superior resolution and pixel density on a more expansive screen
  • In comparison to its width, the bracelet’s housing is much higher.
  • Available in many color schemes for purchase.
  • more options for sports
  • The detector of Oxygen Levels in the Blood

The display covers the entire front side of the bracelet

The display, which has increased in size from 1.1 inches to 1.56 inches and now employs Full Screen Amoled technology, is without a doubt the most noticeable improvement in the latest version. Xiaomi smart bands in New Zealand’s front face are entirely taken up by a screen. Display fineness has been improved to 326 PPI, and the resolution has been increased to 152 x 486 pixels. This level of refinement is also seen in popular products like Apple’s iPhone, so consumers have good reason to be optimistic.

Smart bands have been criticized for having a tiny, unreadable display, but Xiaomi accessories in New Zealand have effectively addressed this issue by increasing the size of the band’s screen, making it a potential purchase for those with vision impairments.

The dimensions have changed a little, but the previous generation’s strap also fits

Size-wise, the new Mi Band 6 is 47,4 mm x 18,6 mm. As the model’s thickness remained constant at 12,7 mm, it was compatible with straps designed for the previous version. There is also very little difference in weight (12.8 grams).

Mi Band 6 will be in several colored coats

Improving the Mi Band’s aesthetic is not rocket science. Changing the strap is the only maintenance required. However, before today, your only option was to purchase the black model and a separate strap in a different color. From what we can tell, though, the sixth generation will be different, and you will be able to purchase one with a strap color other than black very immediately. The new Mi Band 6 will be offered in a variety of colors, including black, white, yellow, blue, orange, and brown.

You can choose from thirty sports activities

With each new generation, Xiaomi accessories in New Zealand expand the number of sports that can be tracked by a smartwatch. The Mi Band 4 supported six sports, the Mi Band 5 eleven, and the Mi Band 6 up to thirty.

The first Mi Band with a pulse oximeter

While earlier iterations of these devices have included measures like heart rate and stress monitoring, the sixth version adds a blood oxygenation sensor. A pulse oximeter is a diagnostic tool used to detect health problems.

Is the transition from the fifth to the sixth generation worth it?

Both yes and no might be correct. The sixth generation, some argue, has some welcome advancements that users would notice and appreciate in their daily lives. The larger screen and improved pulse oximeter are the most noticeable improvements to me.

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