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Write an eBook in 3 steps

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As a blogger or influencer, are you wondering how to write an eBook? Know that a digital book is a marketing product more than a literary work! Indeed, you can offer it to your audience to gain popularity, or use it to generate additional income. Writing an eBook, very different from writing a paper book, therefore requires a certain methodology. Thus, we suggest you write an eBook in 3 steps: you will find the tips to write and publish your eBook with ease.

Choose the subject: listen to the reader and the competition

Write for the Internet user

First of all, you need to determine the subject of your eBook. Assume that your online book is a product: it should solve a problem and provide value to your readers. Do you want to sell them your e-book? Write for them, not for you! If you have a blog, YouTube channel, or Instagram account, we have these three tips for you:
• Base yourself on the needs of your audience, and note the issues that come up most often. What are the posts that have generated a lot of engagement, and the questions that your Internet users ask you regularly? And this researched was shared on The Tiny Tech as they have technical writers.
• Be careful not to stray from your universe, and to stay consistent with the Content writing offered so far. What is the main theme of your blog, YouTube channel or Instagram account?
• Observe the viral content of your direct competitors. What are the subjects and how are they treated?

Set a title based on a niche topic

Choose a specific and precise subject rather than a subject that is too general: you will then be entering a market that is not very competitive. Do not hesitate to go to Amazon to study the competition. Analyze the themes of the bestsellers, and how they are approached. Also note customer feedback, both negative and positive. You will be able to stand out from the competition, being aware of what pleases or not.

When you have determined the theme, choose the title of your eBook. True guideline of the book, it must be readable and powerful. Don’t forget that your readers will read your eBook on the small screens of their Kindle readers or their smartphones! To define the title of your PDF book, take inspiration from the “AIDA method” and the competition. By opting for a concessional title beginning with “how”, you underline both the problem and the promise of the result. The subtitle, on the other hand, can develop the general idea while encouraging the reader to take action.

Write an eBook with original content and an attractive form

Write your own eBook

Regarding the editorial part, you can take care of it yourself or entrust it to a web editor. Writing your eBook allows you to acquire author status and gain credibility in the eyes of your readers. Before you jump into writing the eBook, determine the structure of your content. Divide it into chapters and sub-chapters, depending on the steps, tips, or key points you want to cover. Write your texts in one go, without focusing on the table of contents or spelling mistakes. You will have plenty of time to come back to it later.
In addition, do not hesitate to use sites or software to write your eBook:
• Word processing software: type your text manually on Word, or dictate it on Google Docs using voice input. You can then convert it to “pub” format, or integrate it into eBook formatting sites.
• Free sites: write your text directly on sites like Canva or Cello, which offer “hole” templates. On these pre-formatted eBook templates, you just need to type your text in the fields provided. Also, these sites automatically generate your texts in XML and HTML languages.
• Paid sites: go to a site such as Scribble, which allows you to integrate existing content (blog article) or text models to be reformulated.

Delegate the writing of the eBook

But maybe you don’t want to write your e-book, or you don’t have the time to devote to it. In this case, know that you can write your eBook without writing it. Therefore, contact a web editor on a freelance platform or on La Redact du Web. You can then send him clear and precise specifications, or develop them with him!

What is the advantage of using an SEO web editor? He will obviously know how to write quality content. In addition, he will be able to write blog articles that will bring traffic and visibility to your eBook. You can of course retain all copyright if you wish.

Take care of the shape of the book

Creating an eBook obviously involves writing, but you must also take care of the form and layout. Use paragraphs, visuals and illustrations to air your text and make it pleasant to read. Remember that your e-book is a PDF file, which allows you to embed interactive content (audio and video files). To determine the format of the eBook (dimensions and number of pages), take inspiration from the format usually chosen to deal with your subject. Title and text fonts should be legible enough to read on laptop screens.

Finally, the choice of cover is fundamental. This must attract the attention of a reader who consults Amazon from his Kobo reading medium. To make your cover, use an existing template on Canva or hire a professional graphic designer. Know that the web editor can also take care of the choice and the realization of the cover!

Publish your eBook online, the result of a marketing strategy

Publish on platforms

Before going to the eBook sales platforms, set the price for your book. Think of the commissions charged by the platforms! On Amazon, you can offer your eBook in digital or paperback format. In the second case, the commission charged by Amazon is higher since it covers the costs of printing and sending the notebook.
Know that you can also write a free eBook. By proposing it on your blog, you will recover a large number of email addresses. In addition, you will be able to conquer a clientele ready to buy you a paying book later.
Have you set the price for your PDF book? It’s time to publish it on one or more platforms, like Google Play Books or Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). After having transmitted the requested information, the platform takes care of the publication and the sending of your digital book. From then on, you receive passive income for the sale of your book online.

Communicate with your community

After publishing your self-publishing e-book, export its URL. You can then sell it on your blog or the channel of your choice. The advantage of selling an eBook on your blog? You do not pay commission fees! Do not hesitate to set up a real marketing strategy or communication campaign. For this, we propose the following actions:
• announce the publication of your eBook a few weeks before it goes on sale to arouse the curiosity of Internet users;
• offer your book on sale for a limited time;
• consider adding bonuses if you want to write a viral eBook. Often presented in the form of guides or lists, they maintain the feeling of exclusivity among your readers. They also give them an extra reason to buy your eBook;
• use the upsell technique to increase the perceived value of your eBook. The upsell is an additional sale aimed at increasing the average basket of your customers. If you already market products, offer your eBook for a few euros more!

As you will have understood, to write or have your eBook written, you must take care of the content as much as the form. Thus, take into account the competition as much as the reading medium – e-reader, tablet or smartphone – throughout the creation of your digital book. Each step is important to write an eBook and sell it: from the choice of font to communication techniques, through the writing method. From today, ask an SEO web editor to help you write your eBook!

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