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Work From Home Productivity Tools Help to manage Remote Work Productivity

In recent years, remote work has become increasingly popular. More and more employees are working from home, which means that managers need to find ways to track the productivity of their remote workers.

There is much work from home productivity tools available for managers. All of them have a different set of features, but they all share one thing – a way to track remote workers’ progress and performance.

Some tools are great for project management, while others help with time tracking or employee scheduling. Managers should choose the right tool for their needs in order to make sure that their remote workers’ performance is up to par with their in-office colleagues. Which we will discuss in this blog.

Things To Consider While Choosing Work From Home Productivity Tools

Despite working from home, it is possible to be productive. Nevertheless, it is a very disciplined and planned process. You need to find the right tools that will help you stay focused on your work while not feeling lonely or isolated.

There are many remote working tools and apps that can help you stay on task, but they don’t all have the same features. That is why it’s important to know what you want out of a tool before you start looking for one.

Easy access

Accessibility is the most important factor to take into account when selecting a work from home software. The program must be accessible to every employee from any location in the world. Fortunately, most programs for remote working are cloud-based and simple to download thanks to SaaS (software as a service) models. The majority of these apps can also be found on mobile devices.


Obviously, money plays an important role in determining success, especially for small businesses and startups. Therefore, while it is worthwhile to invest in software for work from home that will enhance the quality of your remote job, it is equally important to be sure that it won’t leave you with a huge financial hole.

User-Friendly Design

Although not every person in your company may be a computer whiz. In order to use these online management tools effectively, every employee needs to become fluent with them. Therefore, you must pick the right work from home productivity software that is easy for everyone to understand and that doesn’t require much training.


Know why you need a remote working tool before making an investment. Which function will it serve‚ÄĒcommunication, management, or projects? A tool will only be considered beneficial by staff if it efficiently facilitates their work.

The Best work from home productivity tools in 2021   

We have split the top tools accessible into various categories to facilitate your search based on the working methods, business plans, and degree of reliance on the internet tools of your organization.

For Time Management


Teams and projects can stay in sync with DeskTrack. Saving managers time by not having to follow up with each employee individually. DeskTrack is a highly useful work from home productivity tool for remote employees. Their monthly professional plans begin at $2.9.

For Project Management


With Wrike, an easily accessible project management tool, you can streamline your projects, alter workflows, establish deadlines, and rank activities according to significance. They offer various levels of services in both their free and paid plans. Their monthly prices begin at $9.90.

For Team Communication

Microsoft Teams

With the help of Microsoft Teams, you can communicate easily by sending messages and participating in group and one-on-one video sessions. It is a fantastic technique to guarantee that your staff is always linked. Microsoft Teams is a free program that also has premium capabilities, similar to those in Microsoft Office, starting at $9.99 per month.

For Document Sharing

Google Drive

Over the years, Google Drive has established itself as an extremely effective tool for transferring images, movies, and documents. As a result of their incredibly secure data storage practices, you don’t have to worry about the security of your information. Additionally, you have total control over who can view and edit your documents. The first 15GB of storage on Drive is free, and several options to increase your storage start at $8.

For Scheduling Meetings


With the help of the excellent remote working tool 10to8. You can easily manage your business from a distance and plan all of your appointments online. With the help of this useful tool, sharing updates, concepts, and other project-related information is made simple. Additionally, it enables you to effortlessly arrange appointments and bookings with clients. They offer a premium plan starting at $4 that can accommodate up to 100 visits each month.

For App Integration and Collaboration


You can use this digital software to connect several apps for smooth app integration and task automation. Since over 2,000 tools are connected to them, they automate daily tasks and save business owners time and resources. This working from home application is simple to use and has a sophisticated dashboard that allows you to track multiple projects at once. They provide both free and premium options, with monthly prices beginning at $19.99.

It’s not difficult or time-consuming to manage a remote team.

Utilizing technology and internet resources to their fullest potential can make an office run more smoothly and methodically.

Many businesses have benefited from the move to a work-from-home model, which has even shown a 7% improvement in productivity when using work from home productivity tools for remote workers. We hope you found this post to be beneficial and will use this software for work from home to raise the level of management in your staff.

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