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Window washing is easy – how to wash windows like a pro


 Have you ever seen a window cleaning professional doing his job and wondered how he did such a perfect job so quickly and with the simplest of tools? When it comes to window cleaning, there are some important tips of the trade that you need to know before you can be sure that you are washing windows like a pro. Believe it or not, if you know what you’re doing, you may find that you enjoy window washing Chicago.

The first trick is to equip you with the right window washers. This includes a quality razor. Applicator, scraper, window bucket and microfiber cloth. Depending on the size of the window being cleaned, the scraper can be 10-16 inches of brass or commercial grade stainless steel. To complete the job your shaker does, you’ll also need a quality window washer and possibly an extension pole if you’re going to be working on tall windows. You don’t want to leave your shoes in the towel window, so we recommend using a complimentary microfiber towel. You may also consider purchasing a tool belt specifically designed to hold the window washer. This allows you to finish work faster – you have to bend less when putting down one tool and picking up another.

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The best conditions for window washing are a cool, cloudy (but not rainy) day. You never want to wash windows in direct sunlight as it dries quickly and leaves streaks.

Your technique should be to fill the window washer with cold or warm (never hot) water and add a little dish soap. Remove any cobwebs or dirt from or around windows. Dip the applicator into the bucket and run your hand over the applicator to remove excess liquid. Moisten and rub the window with the applicator. It starts to look cleaner for the windows because it doesn’t have any rough spots. If you must use a scraper to remove stubborn stains, make sure the windows are wet – never scrape dry windows.

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When washing the window, you can make sure that there is no line with dry rubber bands. Place this blade on a windowsill and gently run it down with a cloth to dry the blade between strokes. Repeat this until the window is finished, making sure to cover the dry edge of the squeegee with the dry part of the window to prevent spots and streaks. To complete window repair Chicago, you need to make one final stroke from left to right at the bottom of the window. Use a dry microfiber cloth and run it along the edges of the window to soak up any remaining drips.

As you perfect your basic window cleaning technique, you may want to learn other techniques, such as bubble baths, that can get the job done faster. If you use more advanced methods, you can wash your windows in one step without having to stop between strokes and wipe your gums.

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