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Why You Should Join a Study Association in Amsterdam

A study association is one that offers a variety of benefits, such as being able to meet other students and get advice. Some associations also offer free events or services, such as discounted or free transportation. These are just some of the reasons you should join a study association in Amsterdam.


Student organisations are an excellent way to make new friends and connect with your fellow students. Various associations are available for different disciplines and degree programmes. These include the New Mode Collective for students studying at Amsterdam Fashion Institute, or the ACE Society for students taking international business courses at AMSIB.

The ASVA Student Union represents the interests of all students in Amsterdam. It can help you find housing, get bicycles and even offer legal assistance. You can also take part in debates and other educational events. Besides, you can get discounts on second-hand bikes every Tuesday.


Extensus is a study association which provides benefits to Honours students at the University of Amsterdam and the Vrije Universiteit. It is a student-run organization that organizes fun, professional and academic events.

The association boasts a membership of over 5000 students. Members can attend the many activities they have to offer, including study trips, workshops and conferences. This enables students to make the most of their time at university.

The association also has an ace in the hole – it has a list of over 100 corporate partners. These companies help students with their career preparation.


Aureus study association is one of the largest study associations in the Netherlands. It has over 5,000 members. They offer many benefits to its members. These benefits include study support, training opportunities, social activities and networking.

The association was founded in the late 1970s. Initially, it was a social club. However, it became more professional. This resulted in more members and more activities. In addition, it collaborated with companies to promote its activities.

One of the reasons that the association was successful was its ability to connect its members with future employers. The association is now a result-driven organization. As a member, you can change your personal details on the website and follow up on your studies and study opportunities.


The study association of Pyrus pyrifolia in Amsterdam organizes a variety of events for its members. These include lectures, excursions and receptions. In addition, the association provides studentships and plans trips abroad each year.

One of the major sources of genetic variation in Pyrus species is retrotransposons. A large proportion of the ‘Suli’ pear genome is dominated by long terminal repeat (LTR) retrotransposons. This indicates that the species has undergone dramatic evolutionary changes.

Retrotransposons have been used as markers in many studies, including those of Asian pears. However, some of these studies conflict with the traditional view of plant-fungal functional associations.


Anguilla is a small island, located in the Eastern Caribbean. It is a British Overseas Territory.

It is also a member of the Caribbean Community and Common Market. The official currency of Anguilla is the Eastern Caribbean dollar.

In addition, Anguilla is a British colony and its government is a monarchy. A governor is appointed by the British monarch. He is in charge of internal security, defense, and public services.

The governor is the head of the Executive Council, which comprises a speaker, the chief minister, other ministers, and the members of the House of Assembly. Each member of the Executive Council is elected for two years.

Kraket University

In the late 1970s, the Kraket university Amsterdam Study Association (ASA) was formed. Aside from providing study support, it also organizes social activities and excursions. It has more than 5,000 members.

The SSRA is one of the best student associations in Amsterdam. This group organises everything from formal activities to networking events. They also arrange study trips abroad and offer personal development programs.

For the first time in 2015, some members of the association travelled to Madrid. They visited the city and met with local companies.

The VU’s international offices can help you with housing and visas.


Sarphati’s study association in Amsterdam is a multi-disciplinary group of researchers that conducts innovative interdisciplinary research to improve the health of children in Amsterdam. It is also involved with youth health care consultations and public health services. The group focuses on non-communicable diseases and their prevention.

Initially, the association consisted of two study everengings. Today, the association has grown to include over 700 members. Members get to participate in a wide range of activities and social events. These include seminars, conferences, and guided tours. They also organize several trips abroad every year.

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