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Why You Need to Get Top CA Firms in India!

Every business is excellent in their respective core activities, like manufacturing, distribution, and marketing. But, are these processes enough for the stability of an organisation? The answer is a clear no because companies manage several internal processes. From accounting to auditing, there are numerous in-house activities within an organisation. Will the company hire employees to complete all functions internally? Not many companies generate enough revenue to hire employees for each internal process. As a result, there is a need for outsourcing internal processes to CA firms. Read on to know why a business should look for the top CA firms in India.

For business advisory

Every business indulges in strategic planning to achieve long-term goals/objectives. There is a need to recognise existing challenges and allot resources accordingly. Companies don’t want to waste resources down the road. However, several changes in the business landscape can hamper business continuity. Market disruptions, global pandemics, paradigm shifts, and many other modifications can disrupt business continuity. To navigate through challenges, a company needs business advisory services. The top CA firms in India help companies to navigate through challenges and maintain business stability. Business advisory services can also help companies to prepare market entry strategies and get regulatory approvals. Transaction advisory, market research, due diligence, greenfield setup, and many other services fall under the bracket of business advisory services.

For tax maintenance

Is filing annual tax returns the only task for accountants? Well, definitely not. Many companies hire in-house accountants to file yearly tax returns before the deadline. However, filing the tax return is only one task for the tax department. There are many other tax-related activities essential for business stability. For example, a company might not want to get caught by compliance officers due to minor tax evasion. Compliance officers do notice companies that aren’t following the tax regime.

A company needs a CA firm to keep a tab on all tax-related activities. Hiring an entire batch of in-house accountants is not feasible for every business. A CA firm employs experts who can manage different taxes like direct, indirect, GST, and expatriate taxes. Global firms need CA services more than any other firms. It is because international firms have many subsidiaries/branches and indulge in transfer pricing. CA firms are needed to ensure the transfer between branches/subsidiaries happens according to rules. The top CA firms in India can also help companies with international tax planning.

For secretarial services

Existing organisations have to run compliance checks at frequent intervals. If anything goes wrong, an organisation must find it before the authorities. To ensure compliance with all applicable laws, companies rely on corporate secretarial services. Many CA firms offer secretarial services to companies. Secretarial services also include maintaining statutory registers, drafting compulsory meetings, and maintaining minute books. A company will have to shelve more funds to hire in-house corporate secretaries. By outsourcing secretarial requirements, companies get help during mergers, special events, management changes, or demergers.

For PEO services

One of the biggest hassles for companies is administration for recruitment. Besides interviewing the candidates, there are several administrative processes associated with recruitment. For example, the employer has to draft a contract for the selected candidates. For newcomers in the company, accountants will have to open a tax account or teach them how to file taxes. All these administrative processes can be cumbersome for in-house employees. Instead of completing these administrative tasks internally, companies outsource them to a CA firm. Many CA firms are also PEOs (Professional Employer Organisations). A PEO can help companies enter new markets/countries to recruit the best talent while following local labour laws.

For assurance and audit services
Audits are organisational checks to make sure everything is up to the mark. From tax processes to accounting practices, everything within a company can be cross-checked with audits. Auditors are expert individuals who provide a clear financial picture of the company. A company will not find expert auditors to work for them full-time. The top CA firms in India can conduct regular audits for their clients. CA firms also help companies with assurance services and help managers/stakeholders gain confidence. By outsourcing audits, a company can reduce the in-house costs and usage of internal resources. Choose a reliable CA firm to improve business stability today!

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