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Why You Must Consider Buying European Square For Planting Trees?

The way trees grow in the northern hemisphere differs from that in the southern hemisphere. That’s why you should consider buying European Square for planting trees if you live in Florida. Plantz offers an assortment of the most beautiful and top-quality European squares for planting trees. Our products are designed to fulfil all your needs to buy trees at an affordable rate. We offer a broad range of top-quality products which will make you feel at home. 

Reasons To Choose European Square

1. The European Square is easy to use. It involves setting the plant in the center of a square-shaped bed. The trees will be healthier because they will get enough sunlight and ventilation. Moreover, the trees can be planted in only a single layer.

2. European squares are attractive and attractive to look at. Their plants certainly make an attractive addition to any garden or room. And these plants become more beautiful when grown at an optimum height of three feet or more high.

3. They are user-friendly for beginners too. They consist of a planter and a grid with a maximum size of 20” x 20”. You can easily figure out which plants will fit into this square.

4. They are not just for trees. Instead, you can plant various kinds of flowers in it. This flower garden can decorate your backyard, lawns or house lawns with cheerfulness and colour. Depending on your needs, these grids can either be used indoors or outdoors.

5. They are sturdy. All our products are made from strong, high-grade polyethene plastic material and are durable. These products can be easily cleaned by using a soft and wet sponge.

6. European squares are designed for indoor and outdoor purposes. They are perfect for home, garden and commercial purposes. These products are very easy to assemble compared to other products available in the market. They can easily withstand harsh weather conditions, including snow, rain or sunny days. And they have a shelf life of 7 years or more.

7. European Square for planting trees can be used for various purposes, to grow herbs and vegetables in your kitchen, promoting a pet-friendly environment, or these can be used to raise flowers in the garden.

8. You can plant almost any type of plant inside these grids as they are very spacious. These grills have a depth of 2 inches, which makes them unique in this aspect. So you don’t need to worry if your plants have long roots or shallow roots.

9. They are easy to assemble. You need to place each cube in the centre of the square and use a hammer or rubber mallet to fix them.

10. They have been very popular among people for the last few years because of their durability and affordability. These products will always leave you satisfied and happy with what you have purchased from us because we believe in customer satisfaction first.


Plantz offers a versatile collection of the most beautiful and top-quality European squares for planting trees. Our product portfolio features different types of European squares for planting trees with the best technical specifications. To place an order, click

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