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Why use stretch film for my cargo packaging?

Stretch or stackable films are clear stretch films, in most cases, composed of low-density polyethylene.

Applied in a single layer during creation due to its adhesive force, it facilitates palletizing by providing strong load resistance and tightness and preventing adjacent pallets from sticking to each other.

Its elasticity and ability to stretch make it a star material when preparing and packing pallets of goods, managing to consume less product length but with the same resistance.

Elongation depends on the type of film and the content of the tray we are going to use.

One of the key points of stretch film is its strong resistance to high-weight loads and the benefits it provides in keeping the product inside the container box well preserved.

These rolls for packaging are presented in coils of different micron units, directly depending on the transport and storage needs.

What is stretch film used for?

The main use of stretch film is to wrap, secure and accurately secure a large number of items stacked on pallets.

Again, this material helps to keep the product in optimal condition as it leaves the factory, avoiding any type of damage, breakage or poor storage.

  1. The use of stretch film can protect the safety of goods

If you are a logistics company or a customer shipping your products, one of the main points to keep in mind is the shipping of the goods. You can produce the best product on the market, but if it doesn’t arrive in the condition it left the factory, the whole process will be in vain and your company image and profits will suffer.

Along the way, you have to find a way of packaging that can add extra value to your business.

Because the stretch film has strong puncture and tear resistance, and has a super high adsorption force, when using the stretch film to package the goods, the product can be tightly wrapped, and it can reach the destination in the best conditions. , providing perfect protection.

  1. Provide safety precautions

Never before has a cargo securing system reported such high margins to product owners and carriers.

The first thing to be sure of is that if they wrap the material in stretch film, the trays will adhere perfectly to the base and they’re less likely to wobble during the trip.

At this point, it must be considered that proper pallet preparation is critical. That is, distribute weights, remember the height of each box, avoid free space, etc.

From the carrier’s point of view, thanks to the use of this membrane, the number of accidents will be reduced, as the stability and safety it provides to the cargo is absolutely indisputable.

In this way, accidents in the logistics and transportation process can be reduced, thereby bringing economic benefits to all parties: owners, logistics companies, and distributors.

This way, in addition to the above, the end customer will receive the goods optimally without having to make numerous returns for defective products, which also saves the seller other costs.

3. The isolation and shading functions of the stretch wrap reduce product loss

Isolation refers to the effect of stretching the film to avoid oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and other gases, as well as aroma, water vapor and other substances; when the scope is not clear, generally refers to the isolation of oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and other non-polar gases. For many commodities, especially food, the thermal insulation function of stretch film is an important factor for the long-term effective storage of packaged commodities. Different products have different requirements for the insulating function of the stretch film.

The shading property of stretch film is also very important for the packaging of some commodities. Light, especially ultraviolet light, is an important cause of discoloration, fading, and photo-oxidation of certain substances, which should be paid attention to. The shading stretch film can avoid this problem

The above are the reasons for choosing stretch film packaging tray products, if you want to know more about stretch film, please contact us, we are a factory specializing in the production of stretch film, with a large inventory that can solve your packaging problems.

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