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Why should you take a defensive Driving course in Surrey

No matter where you are driving, following basic road practices is essential to avoid hazards. Not knowing advanced operating skills may help you proceed up to the store but can’t get you going through towns for long. For this, you will need defensive driving training. 

Some people get this training by themselves, while others are ordered by the court. However, we believe every person should take a Defensive driving course in Surrey as it has numerous benefits for drivers, passengers, and the general public. 

What is defensive driving? 

Defensive driving is a cautious driving skill that enables drivers to predict road hazards and perform actions accordingly. Safety should be a person’s priority, and this becomes even more crucial when on the road. That’s why driving institutes offer everyone a comprehensive defensive driving course (DDC). 

Defensive training is more than just following laws and regulations. It promotes safe driving habits that lessen road collisions and saves human lives. It enables future drivers to keep safety tips and tricks in mind no matter where they drive. Some companies also make this training compulsory for their employees to reduce vehicle costs and maintenance.  

Benefits of taking a defensive driving course in Surrey 

There are several benefits of taking defensive driving training. The exceptional advantage is how this course improves the driving knowledge of all drivers. Commercial and professional drivers can also benefit from this course and increase their market demand.  

Prevents accidents 

The primary purpose of defensive training is to reduce the number of road accidents, vehicle collisions, and losing lives. This course involves driving peacefully, keeping an eye for road hazards, emergency tactics, confidence buildup, anger control, tolerance, and risk management. Knowing all these skills result in lesser road accidents.    

Car insurance discount

Anyone with this certificate can avail discount on monthly car insurance. The discount percentage is usually between 5-10%, which varies with the state. This way, you can save money every month on car insurance with a DDC. 

If you have been through an accident recently or often receive traffic tickets, a defensive course can help you in two ways. The car insurance rates are increased by many folds with just a single big accident. The course certificate can not only help you save money here but also teach you ways to avoid road inconveniences. 

Better reputation 

A certificate from a credible defensive driving course in Surrey increases your reputation among your circle and the industry. Your friends and family feel safe driving with you. Similarly, if you run a driving/truck company, this certificate will gain you an advantage over the competitors. 

Lowers risk of license lost 

Having a DDC reduces the point you have on your license. These points are added when you do something unlawful. You can get back some of your deducted points by showing a defensive driving certificate from a reputable institute to your warden.  

Boosts confidence and peace of mind 

A significant portion of defensive lessons involves boosting confidence behind the wheel. When you know that you can recognize hazardous situations and successfully tackle them, your self-confidence improves. You drive peacefully and without any fear. In addition, some quality institutes also train you to remain calm in stressful situations.   

What is the cost of a defensive driving course?

It can cost any amount starting from $100, depending upon several factors. The driving school you choose matters a lot. The course fee also varies with the number of classes you choose or the lesson material. It will charge even higher if you want road practice along with theory learning.    

Is it required by the law?

No, a defensive Driving course is not mandatory to get a driver’s license in Canada. However, the law may insist some uncareful drivers who have received several tickets or have been in many accidents to get this course from an approved institute. Failure to do so will result in getting their license suspended.  

Can I take the defensive driving course online? 

Yes, many driving schools like (COMPANY NAME) offer online classes for defensive training. This helps you get the lessons safely in the comfort of your home. 


Defensive driving course in Surrey has become quite popular among the residents. Even if it is not compulsory for a driving permit, people still get it to driver better. The course outline involves teaching safety tips, reducing mental pressure, and road training to improve future drivers. Anyhow, you can get such detailed course outlines only at credible schools like (COMPANY NAME). The institute is approved by law and delivers expert defensive guidelines.      

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