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Why Should You Opt For An AMC for Your CCTV Maintenance?

The purpose of installing a video surveillance system would go in vain if not maintained correctly and with care. To ensure a systematic quality output, you must ensure they are under frequent inspection. In today’s world, where maintaining quality is quite complex, you can sit back and relax by providing an Annual Maintenance Contract for your Video Surveillance system.

The quality of the CCTV surveillance system needs expert supervision for desired output. However, some organizations might lack a good maintenance team to test and re-adjust all cameras. An efficient team for video surveillance system maintenance includes all the responsibilities:

  • Regular inspection of the focus and videos on all cameras and re-adjust them if required.
  • Checking the functions of all the external cameras.
  • Inspect all kinds of technical and mechanical fixtures, towers, and brackets.
  • Cleaning of video display monitors and camera lenses at regular intervals.
  • Removal of any temporary substances which are guarding the camera.
  • Taking a demo of the video recordings
  • Test all the data connections between the surveillance equipment.
  • Check the central power station and the supplies of all stand-by batteries.
  • Check that the signaling equipment is operational and properly connected to the alarm receiving center.
  • Educate regarding essential basic maintenance.
  • Update about the latest data security technology as well as system upgrades.

Before opting for an AMC for your video surveillance system maintenance, make sure you go through the following carefully:

Period of Contract

Be crystal clear about the period of contract. It is usually valid for one year from the contract’s date. It can, however, be renewed on satisfactory customer services.


Few options for timely payment will be offered. You can pay annually, bi-annually, or in advance after signing your contract. Before payment, discuss all the maintenance services you must receive following your AMC.


Make sure that if any parts of your video surveillance need replacement, it excludes the contract. It will be separately charged. Moreover, the cost of the AMC doesn’t include the service taxes levied by the state or central government.

Time of Work

Generally, the maintenance team works during regular working hours. But in case of emergencies, the work needs to be done as soon as possible. Communicate with your contract manager regarding emergency services.

So, these are some of the benefits of CCTV camera systems. Always take a quote from the camera installer before you hire them. This will give you an idea of how much money you will have to spend. Also, read the reviews on the internet to get an idea about the quality of services that you get. Opt for professional camera installers as their work will be precise and efficient.

Be it your small business for which you need to take preventive measures or to ensure the security of your large business farm or corporate office, we at AMC CCTV solutions System get you covered. We are known for surviving happy customers for over 17 years in the UAE market. Our expert professionals are ready to serve you!

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Ahsan Khan
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