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Why should you measure your biotechnology industry email list quality?

A large number of subscribers means your email marketing campaign is successful. This statement is not entirely true.

The size of your subscriber list does not determine whether your marketing campaigns will be effective. It is the engagement level of the subscribers and the quality of your biotechnology industry email list that does it. 

Email is a great way of generating new leads and getting your business known to subscribers. It is vital to focus on the quality instead of the quantity of your email list.

What are the features of a high-quality biotechnology industry mailing list?

  • Add people with their consent

An email list containing subscribers interested in your products can take a huge weight off your shoulders. Do not add people to your list without their explicit consent. By providing a checkbox in the sign-up form, you allow your subscribers to opt-in to your emails. Getting the subscribers’ permission means reduced unsubscribes, spam complaints, and bounce rates.

  • Ensure the biotechnology email addresses are double opt-in

After subscribers sign-up, send them a link to validate their email addresses. Once they click on the link, you can start sending them emails. Double opt-in is a good way of confirming two important things. One, people did not sign up by mistake. Two, the email address exists and is spelled correctly.

How does a high-quality biotech companies email list impact your campaign?

  • High open rates

A high email open rate indicates the subscriber is active and interested in your products. It means your subject line is catchy enough to attract the attention of new subscribers. It also means your content is relevant enough to make old subscribers curious about your latest email.

  • High click-through rates

When the subscribers open your email, they expect to see a visually pleasing message. An email message containing the right balance of text and images can encourage the subscribers to perform a specific action. You want them to click through to your website and preferably make a purchase. Including a call-to-action button in your email is a good way to attract clicks.

  • Low bounce rates

A low bounce rate clearly shows a good quality biotechnology business email list. Messaging non-existent email addresses or people who have not explicitly subscribed will increase the spam reports against your domain. Continuing to send emails to such addresses will cause your emails to bounce. The internet service providers are likely to place you on a block list. Following industry standard practices will reduce the bounces and improve your sender reputation.

  • Low unsubscribe rates

People stay subscribed to your emails as long as they provide value relevant to their business. Over time, their interests or business requirements may change. If you observe that the subscribers no longer engage as frequently as they used to, you can send them reminder emails. Let your emails take them to your preference center and allow the subscribers to choose the type of communication they want to receive. If they still wish to unsubscribe, let them go. It is better to have a small and engaged list rather than a large and inactive one.

How can you improve the quality of your biotechnology email list?

  • Update the email list frequently

Removing all the inactive and non-existent email addresses from your database is good email hygiene. Lesser inactive subscribers mean more engagement.

It is also important to update the details when subscribers move to different job roles in new organizations. It gives you the right information to include while personalizing the emails.

  • Segment the biotechnology contacts

Sending a generic message to all your subscribers is the easiest way to get labeled a spammer. Divide your database into segments according to subscriber location or buying behavior and send emails about their topics of interest. Address subscribers by their name and approach them in a friendly manner to make them feel important to your business.

  • Use re-engagement campaigns

Give inactive subscribers a chance to re-engage with your emails before you strike them off. They may have become dormant for several reasons, and offering a special discount can spike their interest again. Convey to them that your business felt their absence and wishes to reconnect in a way that benefits the subscribers. It is easier to further your relationship with subscribers already familiar with your business rather than starting a relationship with new subscribers.

  • Remove unengaged subscribers

If the subscribers have not responded for 6-12 months, change the frequency of your emails. Send weekly instead of daily and monthly instead of weekly. If you still don’t hear from them, it is time to take them off your list.

Wrap Up

It is not very difficult to maintain a good-quality biotechnology email database. Use the tips above to improve subscriber engagement and gain more email open and click-through rates.

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