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Why should startups use social media?

Social media marketing

The reason why many startups have begun to look away from social media is because of the poor experiences of others. While there are examples of social media success, there is an even greater number of accounts which tell tales of failure and wasted resources. 

Tales of misery are bound to make a startup become wary. Thus, many startups have begun considering social media as a mere formality while concentrating their efforts on other forms of digital marketing. While the choice is not without merit, some startups perfectly placed to take advantage of social media do not do so. 

Practical caution is advisable, but obsessive caution cuts both ways. In this article, we discuss why startups should consider social media as a viable digital marketing platform for promotion and outreach. 

Community Driven Approach

Startups at the nascent stage of their life cycle need customers to power their journey forwards. Every startup needs its own set of early adopters which give it a healthy boost of oxygen to survive and move forward. 

However, finding early adopters is one of the most difficult tasks in marketing. While it may seem easy to reach out to a certain targeted audience, only a small percentage of them would be willing to invest time and resources in looking at what a new startup has to offer. 

The best way to make sure the brand of a startup gets instant visibility is by introducing it to a close-knit community. Online communities retain some of the charms of traditional real-world communities and have their own quirks and habits which set them apart from the general populace on social media. Startups ideally should tailor their message to attract a particular community and do everything possible to make sure it gains popularity in its community. 

Instant Engagement 

At the early stage, startups need to establish a medium of dialogue with their early customers. The best way of doing so is by using social media. Most customers today use social media to give feedback to big and small brands. If a startup does not have an active social media profile, it loses credibility and connectivity with customers on one level entirely. 

Besides using social media to respond to customer feedback, there are many other ways social media can be used to generate engagement. Sharing interesting posts based upon trending topics is a great way to boost engagement at an early stage.

Massive Reach

An obvious point, but worth mentioning nonetheless. Social media offers startups the opportunity to reach millions and billions of people at the touch of a button. There are umpteen examples of startups using clever tactics on social media to ratchet up their following, thereby creating a community of engagers and followers. 

The massive reach of social media should alone be reason enough for startups to use social media. 

In Conclusion

Social media is an absolute must for startups looking to grow their businesses and find early adopters. Instead of falling to frustration with social media, startups should persevere and find the perfect social media strategy to suit their purposes.

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