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Why Rigid Boxes Are Expensive Material Than Other Materials


If you are looking for durable boxes to store and transport your luxury items without breaking or destroying the product, you should opt for rigid boxes. These boxes use sturdy materials of different shapes and sizes. That is strong enough to keep your fragile and unique products safe and secure.

These tough boxes are expensive and are best to create that royal feeling for your items. The main aim of building these boxes in the first place is to provide the one-of-a-kind feeling of expensive and luxury items. However, these boxes are not cheap at all. They are costly, just like the premium products that they hold inside. 

Let’s study more about custom rigid boxes to deeply understand why these are costly as compared to other options available in the market. These boxes are the best in the market, and there are reasons why. 

Reasons Why Rigid Boxes Are Expensive

You may be wondering why you need to pay a little more for these boxes than their counter options. Today is the day when you will know about this. 

High-End Technology is Required

To make sure that the packaging is rigid enough to keep the lavish and fragile products inside safe. Along with giving it a perfect premium finish look, you need to go through different processes to make that happen. 

Brands fulfil all these requirements through the use of high-functioning tech. That allows the production of rigid box packaging in a more step-wise and safest way without leaving any space for error. 

Die-cut, matte coating, gloss lamination, matt varnish, gloss varnish, emboss, and other procedures are applied to finalize the excellent appearance of a rigid boxFurthermore, even within the same procedure, the ultimate quality and fineness may fluctuate depending on the cost. The price of packaging may also vary in different brands depending upon the quality of technology that the devices or machinery uses. 

Varying Degree In Hand Labor for Rigid Boxes 

Not everything’s done through machines. To make the manufacturing procedure more natural and authentic, it needs to go through the hands of human touch. To ensure that a large amount of labour is required to perform different tasks in the factory. From ensuring that the machine is working properly to observing the quality of the rigid cardboard box coming out of the machine as a final step. 

This is essential to ensure that the quality of the work and the box are of high quality. Because even a machine can cause an error in the work or procedure. This computer-based error leads to poor-quality rigid cases that eventually increase the risk and danger of breaking or destroying the product inside those boxes. 

The labourers need to be skilful in their work. Skilful labour is not easy to recruit to your company unless you pay them enough. So, to make that happen, a lot of cost goes into recruitment and salary distribution, indirectly making the box expensive. 

Expensive Material

It is an undeniable fact that a good thing never comes easily. The same is the case with rigid cardboard boxes. You cannot expect to receive high-quality boxes within a cheap zone. Rigid cases are expensive to manufacture. And you have to work very hard to get them in the right shape before they’re put together.  

The products required for the manufacturing of boxes are ordered in huge quantities every day. At times manufacturing product is more expensive than other materials. Each pack uses a massive amount of chipboard to make the box sturdy and tough to handle any calamity without breaking the product inside. Because of the expensive material of Rigid Kraft boxesthe cost eventually increases in the long run. 

Costly Shipping

The most critical step of box production is shipping. All the hard work and spending go to waste if this process is not smooth. This step needs extreme care to handle things safely. Loss due to transport is unbearable for the seller or the company owners. You will be a fool to take this last and most crucial step lightly.

To ensure that your product travels safely and securely within these custom rigid set-up boxes, you need to spend. There are many reasons why the shipping procedure is the most expensive step among the other costly procedures. Some of those factors include the weight of the box, amount of storage space used, shipping distance, delivery charges, surcharges, and taxes. 

The heavier the box, the more it will cost you. Rigid boxes being sturdy and heavy, is the most expensive packaging shipped nationally and internationally. The same goes for the factor of space usage. These thick boxes require more space than a usual box with no thick layers. Due to this, these boxes need to be transported at a higher cost. 

You always need a good rigid box manufacturer to make sure that you are getting everything in place. 

Final Words

Without spending much, you cannot expect to receive excellent quality. Sometimes it’s the cost that determines the quality but not always. In the case of rigid boxes, this statement is true. You will see a significant difference in quality between a comparatively cheap rigid case and a pricey one. The feelings and the output of both will never be the same. 

The use of rigid cases is not rare today. These boxes are in tough competition with the usage of other boxes in delivery now and then. These boxes always have the upper hand for being the most substantial and reliable source of keeping the products in safe hands without causing any mayhem. But, the downside is that the company needs to spend a lot on the production and shipping of these boxes. 

It is always a good idea to get in contact with the right packaging supplier to get the right white box

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