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Why prefer limousine services over regular transport?

Limousine cars are prominently present in special occasions. Limousine services with its gleaming exterior and tastefully furnished interior makes it most comfortable ride for passengers who like to travel in style. However limousine cars are not preferred for long drives as it is uneconomical though they can achieve a speed of over 220kmph or more. However limousines are best choice for special events like corporate conventions, VIP airport pickup, wedding, birthday party or prom party among others. The limousine service Princeton may cost you from $85-$130 per hour and it will accommodate up to 6 passengers. The bigger version costing $92-$145 will accommodate up to 10 passengers. However capacity of a limousine can stretch up to 24 and price may vary with limousine brand and size. 

Benefits of hiring limousine for special events

Limousine grabs eyeballs at first sight because of its awesome exterior which is nicely stretched. The luxury transport provides maximum comfort to riders with its bench-like seating arrangement that leaves plenty of center space for stretching legs.  Seating arrangement is unlike normal passenger transport vehicles and they look like your living room sofa sets. Each limo has its own seating design but it is mainly focussed on providing comfort to the passengers.

The interior facilitate passengers to celebrate with utter freedom especially when it is a prom party or bachelor party. Wedding limos are much preferred for the occasion because it is the best transport for the couple because of the privacy it offers to the couple. The chauffeur who mans the luxury transport is separated from the passenger section and communication is done through intercom. 

Limousine resembling a party venue is the best transport you can provide to your loved ones’ birthday occasions. They can have a chosen group of people assembled inside the limo and enjoy the music offered by top surround sound system. The limo also provides them a bar where you can keep both soft and hard drinks cool.

Prom Limos New Jersey

Birthday parties can be celebrated in seclusion while the experienced chauffeur minds the road and traffic.  Cheap prom limo rentals are available for occasions like prom parties. These are large vehicles with a capacity of more than a dozen and ideal for a group to be travelling to the prom party venue. Best thing about these cheap rentals is that you can share the rent amount among you and the hourly rates will only make it cheaper. 

Car rental companies otherwise also provide normal vehicles that are luxury Sedans. SUVs, Sprinters and limo coaches and busses depending on the strength of the travel group. If it is a group of over 10 you can always opt for sprinter van from Plains borough car service or even for a limo coach if the congregation is larger than that. Luxury SUVs, Hummer Limos, Lincoln Town Cars and Limo busses with over 40 seating capacity can be hired from the rental company at a price that is affordable.

There is a myth that low-economy groups cannot afford luxury limousines because they are costly vehicles. On the contrary it is affordable and luxury limos can be hired from renal companies and above per hour. You can hire the limousine for a few hours for your special occasions and make the most of it.  

What is inside a limo?

Limousines specialize in providing comfort to the people who ride in them. Most of them are fitted with luxurious leather seats that are designed in a different fashion compared to the normal vehicle seats. They are laid out in a bench-like manner and have a sitting capacity of 8 to 18 people.

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