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Why On-Demand Gojek Clone Apps Are Becoming Popular Start-up Solutions?

The Gojek Clone app is a superior application that has significantly evolved. From only a few services under one roof to a stunning assortment of 82+ on-demand services, this app is now called a “super app.” Adapting the Indonesian on-demand app model this cloned application has spread its wings across multiple countries and continents. This app is now available in the U.S.A., UK, Nigeria, Europe, and other Southeast Asian countries!

This application offers different services including, groceries and grocery delivery, taxi booking, and on-demand professional service like home cleaning, beauty, and so on. Having all these services under one roof omits the need of downloading and installing multiple apps on the phone, one for each service. In brief, the single all-inclusive app frees up a considerable storage space that you can use to keep your photos, videos, games, and much more! 

Why Gojek Clone Is the Best Start-up Solution? 

This mobile application offers multiple reasons “why it is known as the best start-up solution.”  

Generates more revenue 

As compared to a single service app, the app owner offers 82+ on-demand services on its platform making better money. The revenue flows into the bank accounts in the form of: 

  • Commission on every service 
  • Membership subscription plans 
  • In-app advertising 
  • Cancellation fee 
  • Surcharges 

For instance, if you launch a taxi booking app, you’d generate income from every ride. However, if you launch a super app, it will earn on every beauty service, parcel delivery, food delivery, etc. 

Thus, you become SUPER RICH! 

Reuse the resources

Using this multi-service app, one service provider can register themselves under more than one category. For instance, a moto ride driver can also register themselves under food delivery service and make a few extra bucks in their spare time. 

Not only are the resources reused in the Gojek Clone app but, they also earn more for you! In brief, human resources are utilized for more than one service to bring the best service offerings to the table. 

Easy business handling 

The custom on-demand multiservices app lets the admin easily manage or handle the business. The application is designed and coded to be the epicenter of the business and its management. From integrating multiple features to control settings, the admin has all the rights, privileges, and means to edit, delete, or modify anything they want. Moreover, the admin dashboard is the one with the God’s eye view, which helps to make more business by determining the highest selling areas! 

Why Do You Need a White-labeling Expert’s Help? 

A ready-made Gojek Clone has to be white-labeled first before launching in the market. The white-labeling process is easy but not for a non-techie! Therefore, you need a professional’s service on this one. 

And even if you are a technology expert, you still need them because:

  • It is them who know their code better.
  • They have already launched more than 1200 apps which means they’ll deliver only a quality product. 
  • It takes them only 1 to 2 weeks to launch the application. 
  • They know each and every rule of the guidelines book of Google Play Store and Apple App Store.   

In Conclusion: 

In conclusion, I’d only say that if you want to launch the top-notch super mobile app this year, then there is no better time than today to do it. Connect with the sales representatives of world-renowned Gojek Clone white-labeling experts and get started with your app development process right away! 

Take the best advantage of this popular start-up solution and become successful and super-rich in no time!

Ahsan Khan
Ahsan Khan
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