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Why is SAAS a perfect solution to your Business needs?

Software as a Service (SaaS) is basically a web-based technology that is neither purchased nor installed in computer. It is subscribed on a rental basis. This subscription based software development approach brings both financial and technical advantages and also is easy and quick to set up. The main aim of SAAS is to reduce marketing and business, functioning and establishment costs. For newly established companies capital investments need to be diverted and certain expenses needs to be reduced. Using of the software as a service development becomes extremely useful. It can be used in several areas such as billing and accounts, basic HRM tasks, customer relations, invoices and more. Using SAAS enables you to use licensed software from another end. There are no hidden charges such as installing servers or paying for licensing and so on.

SaaS products come with various features such as project planning, document management, web publishing, time and resource management and more. Make sure you find the one that has full range of features and gives flexibility that allows business to grow. Both small and large companies have started using SaaS because it is simple, secured and cost saving.

SaaS solutions have proven to be the best alternative for anyone who is a beginner businessman and is looking to avoid up-front investments on software platforms. Below are a few benefits that come with SAAS:

  • It reduces cost of IT infrastructure
  • No licensing costs
  • Reducing maintenance costs
  • New versions are easy to upgrade

When selecting the product make sure that it allows you to add users whenever you want because you’d need this feature as your company expands. With some of the SaaS products you can even begin as a single user. But later they are capable enough to handle 100s and 1000s.

Here are a few tips that can help you in selecting right providers:

  • Often it happens that when it comes to using SAAS, people get concerned about the security issues because there are a lot of issues with hackers and internet fraud today. You can easily avoid this issue by looking for a provider that ensures that they are secured and protected from malicious attacks.
  • Avoid contractors that insist you in signing a contract for a particular period of time. Look for a flexible service provider.
  • Make sure that your service provider is reputed and keeps a back up of all files and folders and ensure that data is securely transferred.
  • With increase in competition you can definitely search for a better option. The best service provider offers latest tools and has friendly features.

It is ofcourse the cost cutting feature that makes SAAS successful but safety is again something that shouldn’t be ignored because you would never take risk when it comes to losing your valuable data.

Some of the potential advantages of Software as a Service are as follow

Low cost of entry

SaaS is delivered as a subscription model to the organizations which is charged on a per user per month basis. It reduces the large upfront payments and massive annual license fees.

Zero Infrastructure and reduced overheads

This application doesn’t require expensive infrastructure and reduces all large initial investments on licenses, hardware, ongoing overheads of employing and training IT staff, databases, hardware and software maintenance and upgrades.

Single instance and Multi tenant efficiency

The multi tenant architecture shares the infrastructure, expertise and costs of all software with large number of customers. It enhances deployment speed and cost effectiveness over a standard ASP model.

Cost effective infinite scalability

This model gives freedom to customers to get adapt to the changing utilization of the software.

Increased accessibility and productivity

SaaS enables to save important information of the organization on the internet and provides great accessibility. The effective accessibility results in increased collaborative productivity.

Higher quality offerings at reasonable costs

This web based application reduces the operating cost as more and more customers get added and offers premium services at low costs.

Easy to deploy

SaaS eliminates the installation and setup troubles at the customer’s end and allows users to run it very swiftly.

Improved security

The SaaS service providers understand the importance of data backup and information security requirements and offer high-class security measures such as skilled resources, stand-by power, network redundancies, intrusion detection and up-to-date security.

Freedom of choice

This model provides freedom to customers to switch from one solution provider to another through unlocked IT infrastructure of servers, software and security systems.

Defined predictable spends

It is operated on agreed pre-defined fixed charges that enables the customers to make cost estimation and helps to set budgets for annually financial expenses.

Platform independence

SaaS applications don’t require software installation at the customer’s premises. This software can be accessed on internet through browsers.

Focus internal IT initiative only on direct, line of business technology

There are no additional IT infrastructure expenses. It reduces the work burden of the internal IT staff of organization by managing upgrades, troubleshoot problems for generic software applications. It helps the organization to use limited in-house resources for more business oriented initiatives and productive works.

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