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Why Is It Important To Test Internet Speed?

Today every business has become an online business. Not only in business, but the internet is needed in almost all fields of life. However, internet speed plays a significant role in internet usage. You cannot rely on a low internet speed nowadays. It makes the internet totally absurd. Apparently, since over five million people are using the internet worldwide, the speed issue is quite common. But the hunger for internet speed is increasing day by day. The internet server has to fulfil the needs of every user. Hence, this results in buffering in internet speed. So, you can use different internet speed testing tools, such as the Bsnl Speed Test tool, to check your connection speed. This will give you an idea of your connection speed, and you’ll be able to know whether it satisfies your usage requirement. 

But have you ever thought about why internet speed tests are important first? And how can you check your internet speed? Stay stuck to the article to get all your questions answered.

Internet Speed. Why Do You Need To Test Internet Speed?

You might have noticed that your download speed slows down when you download a file, a picture, or a video. Sometimes it also happens that you cannot even open a single page of the website. All it happens when your internet speeds slow down. 

Internet speed plays an essential role in every field of life whether you are a businessman or work as an employee in a firm. It is nothing without the internet. However, if your internet speed slows down, you will surely face problems. 

Internet speed mentions how much data and details are transferred on computers or other electronic devices. However, the point is, why do you need to test the internet speed? There are multiple online tools like the Bsnl speed test tool that measures internet speed and efficiency by analyzing different aspects like pings, upload speed, and download speed. Testing internet speed ensures that we are getting what we are paying. 

Barometers Of the Internet 

There are three metrics of the internet which are as follows

PingUpload SpeedDownload Speed
Ping stands for internet packet and is used to measure the approachability of any internet consumer. Upload speed is the amount of data you send on the devices through the internet.Download speed is the speed of receiving data through the internet.


Testing the internet speed ensures that every person connected to the internet gets a good connection speed. Hence, this will make your remote work more convenient and you can connect enough devices according to your bandwidth. Checking the internet speed is important to ensure that you have enough transmission capacity for 

  • Videos and audio.
  • Conduct video calls. 
  • Download documents.

How To Check The Internet Speed?

Is it possible to check the internet speed as promised? If it is possible, how? This question runs through our mind when facing any internet problem. If you can’t download or upload any file or data, your speed is slow. 

Megabytes (Mbps) is the most common speed that is provided to the users of the internet. By measuring Megabytes, we can figure out the rate at which information is downloaded and uploaded.

Bandwidth (transmission speed) is the size of data downloaded or uploaded every second. Broadband internet (ISP) is the most common internet type provided these days by internet providers. Its bandwidth is good and connects to many devices.  

Plenty of paid and non-paid plugins are present, but why pay if you can avail of the unpaid facility? Just a single click on the tool can tell you the accurate speed, including download, pings, and upload speed. These three metrics are crucial in the speed of the internet

Let’s make it easier for you to understand how to measure internet speed. For instance, if you want to download a picture but it takes a lot of time, suddenly it will come to your mind that my internet is slow today, I need to check it. You can go to the search engine to search for the best speed tester, and you will find the Bsnl speed test tool. When you open the plugin, there will be an option to start. By pressing this button, you will get not only your internet speed but also the download speed, upload speed, pings, IP-Address, and internet connection’s security.

Always remember that before checking the internet speed, you need to:

  1. Stop downloading or uploading
  2. Turn off the VPN 
  3. Connect the device directly to the router
  4. You will get authentic results
  5. Don’t test during rush hours

Wrapping Up 

The whole purpose of this article was if you are using Wi-Fi in daily life, you should remember to test your internet speed. It lets you know whether you are getting the desired speed for what you are paying or not.

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Ahsan Khan
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